Monday, September 28, 2009

Afghanistan: Obama's Viet Nam

If you're the President of the United States and you're confronted with losing the war in Afghanistan, what do you do?

Do you listen to your generals who are responsible to run and presumably win the war and give them the troops they're requesting to stop troop loss (read that: casualties) and stop advancement of the enemy (read that: Taliban) or do you spend more time on the Sunday talking head shows and in schools reading to children?

For Barack Hussein Obama, the answer apparantly is to spend more time on the talking head shows and reading to school children rather than listening to his Generals, one of which Obama himself appointed to run and win (read that: presumably win) the war in Afghanistan.

On CBS' "60 Minutes" last night, General McChrystal who was hand picked by Obama said that he'd only met with Obama "once" so far.

The likelihood that McChrystal will resign has gone up dramatically, and I suspect Charles Krauthammer was nothing less than prophetic on Sunday Morning in his statement indicating such.

Afghanistan is Obama's Viet Nam indeed.

Germany Elections: Conservatives Crush Liberals

No doubt we won't be hearing about this in the American media as Angela Merkel and her Conservative coalition have now scored a crushing defeat in the German Parliamentary Elections yesterday (Sunday) handing the German Left "Social Democrats" (the equivalent of Obama and the Democrats) their biggest defeat in decades.

How big of a defeat was it? Frank Walter Steinmeister, a leader of the Social Democrat Party called the election night "a bitter defeat" for the Social Democrats which suffered the worst decline ever by a party in a German Parliamentary Election.

If the Obama Administration and their socialism enabling Democrats are wondering what this means, it's this: Merkel will remain Chancellor in Germany and push hard on the very issues which she campaigned for which are tax relief, a simplification of Germany's tax code and enabling nuclear power plants to continue running past their Socialist Democrat mandated shut down dates to continue providing much needed power to Europe's largest economy.

This election also showed one more thing: The German Electorate had little appetite for the dramatic change that the Social Democrats (who Obama campaigned for last year) were trying to implement in the midst of one of Germany's harshest recessions since the great depression.

If there's a word to the wise here, it's that throwing out an entire economic system in favor of Government mandated Socialism is not the "Change" people around the world have wanted.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd and the rest of you.

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