Saturday, September 12, 2009

We’re Having A Tea Party!

This morning hundreds of thousands of American’s who are genuinely concerned about the direction this country is moving in and how fast our hard earned taxpayer dollars have been frivously wasted by the Barack Hussein Obama Administration are waking up and getting ready once again to make their voices heard.


This government has long ago forgotten just who they serve – We The People.

Both political parties have taken our votes for granted.  For years they have pitted us against each other so that they, the politically entrenched ruling class could remain in power.

Long ago this Government figured out that as long as they could keep us fighting amongst ourselves, they maintained their power over us.  And as long as that happened, they – the politically entrenched ruling class in this country, could do whatever they pleased.  Time after time, year after year, this government, lead by both Republican’s and Democrats frittered away our money on useless government programs, foreign aid to or enemies, and against us hard working taxpayers to fund welfare systems that served only to create loyal voting sub-classes which time and again returned these same cretins to Washington DC.

With each passing day, we’ve seen two sets of rules in this country – one for us, another for the political ruling class.  They can cheat on their taxes (or not pay them at all) cause innocent lives to be lost, have marital affairs without fear of consequence, get their own “special deals” to feather their own nests (Countrywide) and reek havoc over our financial systems draining our individual wealth forcing more and more of us into continued tax servitude due to being unable to retire.

Then, when these louses’ have drained the lifeblood from our economy through their meddling in our free enterprise system they simply print more money, incur more debt and start the cycle all over again all the while feathering their own nests because they are still in charge.

Meanwhile We The People who without recompense for the damage these political thugs in Washington DC have caused are forced to carry the burdens of their sins against us via higher taxes and paying for more government welfare programs for their favored class, the perennial “victim class” in our society.

Those days are coming to an end.  Today we put Washington D.C. on notice that their time is short.  We The People are taking back this Government which exists to serve us, not we it.

Ronald Reagan once said “Where A People Fear Its Government, There is Tyranny.  Where A Government Fears Its People, There Is Liberty.”

It is time once again for this Government to fear us.  This is why hundreds of thousands have gathered in Washington D.C. this morning.  This Government through mismanagement of our taxpayer dollars and frankly it’s own arrogance has awakened the sleeping giant in this country. 

While hundreds of thousands of us may disagree on many other issues – we gather today in Washington D.C. bound in agreement on one simple fact: This Government has wasted our money, and we will not allow ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to become tax slaves to the corrupt, arrogant, political ruling class in Washington D.C.

It is time to remind them that they serve us, not the other way around.

Good Morning Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain and the rest of the arrogant political ruling elite.

Are you ready?  We Are.

Let’s Party like it’s 2010 and let them know we’re going to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  Their time is coming to an end.

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