Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vote of Confidence

Exposing The Obama-ACORN Corruption Link

In the wake of ACORN's dramatic fall from power in the Democrat back room power broker deals in Washington DC, the Obama Administration recently released a statement through it's inept Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that the President did not know how corrupt ACORN is, nor did he have any exposure or linkage to ACORN.

Today, we blow that lie to pieces.

In Jaunuary of 1993, just after the inauguration of Bill Clinton, Chicago Magazine ran an extensive article titled "Vote of Confidence" which documented Barack Hussein Obama's community organizing efforts in Chicago as part of Project Vote! which became the modely by which ACORN would do "voter registration drives" in the future.

In order to understand the corruption that started in Chicago Politics which then fed Project Vote! and ultimately ACORN, you first must understand that much like ACORN's "bounty system" where volunteers were paid by the number of voter registration's they collected, Chicago politics worked much the same way. The Chicago Democrat Party leadership was in charge of nearly every voter registration drive using one key motivator: MONEY.

The Democrat Party would routinely pay bounties of up to $1 per voter registered for every new voter a volunteer signed up. This method of running voter registration drives has typically been the most effective in Chicago.

Sound familiar? It should Obama adopted it as part of Project VOTE! and ACORN copied it.

Much of the funding for Project Vote! came from Terri Gardner, the sister of the founder of "Soft Sheen Products." Much of this money was then funneled back into black owned businesses for advertising flyers, posters, radio time on black owned radio stations and to Chicago west side black churches to act as vote registrars.

In the fall of 1992 the Clinton-Gore campaign provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to Project Vote! as did local Chicago SEIU labor unions. All this time, Project Vote! as it became to be known was directed by Barack Hussein Obama who directed where the money went.

By the time the 1992 elections were over, Obama recruited, trained and paid more than 700 deputy registrars who registered more than 600,000 minority voters.

All bought and paid for by Clinton-Gore campaign funds and labor union dues compliments of the SEIU. The model Obama setup as part of Project Vote! was proven so successful, ACORN copied and used it up until the 2008 elections.

Now you may be asking yourself: Where's the link between Obama, Project Vote! and ACORN? The answer is in the name Sandy Newman. Sandy Newman, a civil rights lawyer founded Project Vote! in 1992 to promote voter registration among low income and minority voters. Project Vote! in 1992 was based out of Washington DC as it's only base of operations. Sandy Newman recruited Barack Obama to launch Project Vote! in Chicago. In 1992, Project Vote! became ACORN's voter registration program, and has been part of ACORN since.

In October of 2008, Project Vote (ACORN) ran voter registration drives for the Obama Campaign, which paid Project Vote! (ACORN) nearly $1,000,000. The Obama campaign "misreported" the payment to the Federal Elections Commission which went unnoticed until after the 2008 elections.

ACORN ran voter registration drives in 21 states for the Obama campaign, including Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin using the very model that Barack Obama created during the 1992 elections, and for that, ACORN is under Federal Investigation for Vote Fraud in at least 12 states.

No linkage between Obama and ACORN you say?

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