Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Less Than 30% Trust The Media

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox Ignore Us At Their Own Peril

In the Chicago media market, local CBS and NBC and Fox  stations completely ignored the 912 rally in Washington DC on Saturday in which more than 2,000,000 American’s gathered to show their dissatisfaction with the current Administration and Congress.  Instead, they focused on Obama’s pre-manufactured “rally” in Minnesota giving the President glowing coverage.

The local ABC affiliate in Chicago provided reasonable coverage of the 912 rally, covering Washington DC as well as the local rally in Millennium Park by Chicago’s lakefront.  Chicago’s own WGN also provided minimal coverage of the event while reporting that only 60,000 attended the rally in Washington DC.

Is it any wonder most American’s no longer trust the media to provide fair and accurate reporting?

As I chatted with numerous others online Saturday evening and Sunday morning, many across the country reported similar experiences with their ABCNBCCBS local affiliates completely ignoring more than 2,000,000 American’s marching on DC.   By DC Police estimates, this was the biggest rally they’d ever seen, yet the “mainstream media” chose to ignore it?

They do so at their own peril, which ironically is reflected in their less than stellar ratings.

Perhaps it’s time to organize a march on the headquarters of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC to demand they tell the truth about the 912 rally’s and Barack Hussein Obama.

Maybe, just maybe they’d cover the fact that their own headquarters and studio’s were being besieged by the very people they’ve spent months calling “stupid”, “ignorant” and “racists.”

Maybe they’ll finally figure out that the reason they’re losing audience share to Fox News for example, is because they’ve alienated the majority of their audience.

Maybe, just maybe they’ll finally figure out that instead of alienating their audience by calling them stupid, ignorant racist rednecks that perhaps they should finally report objectively on what’s happening in this country.


This media is so far in the tank for Barack Hussein Obama that somewhere in hell you know Joseph Goebbels is wondering what he did wrong during World War II because after all, he had to pay his propaganda ministers to write stories about German victories in the war and then pay the German media to run them in their papers.

What Goebbels paid for, Obama’s been getting for free.

Too bad for the “mainstream” media the American people aren’t falling for it anymore.
When the revolution starts, the media should be our first victims.

Death to the “mainstream” media.

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jscott said...

Just a note from someone who was there! 2 million seems about right. The police said that there were NO ARREST!! ( unbelievable ) All three political parties were present. Lets quite calling them the "mainstream media". There is nothing mainstream about todays media!