Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Illinois Tea Party Express Rally Huge Success

Interstate Highway, State Roads Clogged and Shut Down

More than 10,000 people showed up at an Illinois Tea Party Express rally yesterday, shutting down Interstate 80 at Route 30 due to traffic. 

The interstate was backed up more than a mile in each direction as Tea Party Express rally participants tried to reach their destination.  Even after exiting the interstate, another one and a half mile backup greeted them along Route 30 just to get to the site. 

The location of the Tea Party Express rally was estimated to hold 5,000 – 6,000 people, yet more than 10,000 people crammed into the location.  Mind you, this is Barack Hussein Obama’s “home state” the site of the most successful Tea Party Express rally yet.

At one point during the rally, it was announced that the crowd had swelled to more than 10,000 people and that the Illinois State Police had shut down the exit ramps at Interstate 80 and Route 30, preventing thousands more from attending.

We do have to credit the New Lenox police department for their professionalism in how they dealt with the crowd and how their actions helped keep this event problem free. 

About the crowd: No one was “angry” as reported in the Chicago media.  There was alot of concern as people talked and expressed their opinions.  Many including myself brought our children so they could see that in this country we have a Constitutional Right to free speech and that we were exercizing it.

My oldest son (12) was interviewed by Fox News during the rally. I think they liked his sign which said “Glenn Beck 1, White House 0.  39 Communist Czars Left to Go!” with a picture of Glenn Beck on it.  (We’ll be sending video of that to Glenn Beck today.)

My youngest son made it onto the stage to hold his sign which had a piggy bank with the words “Keep Your Hands Off My Piggy Bank – I’m Just A Kid!”  We saw a similar and equally witty sign from another young boy about my sons age which read “I’m only 12 and I owe how much????”

Perhaps the most touching moment of the day yesterday came towards the end of the rally.  A gentleman named “William” (last name being withheld) from Tinley Park Illinois was brought up on stage.  He flew more than 30 combat missions during World War II. 

His sign which is towards the end of the video below said he fought for his country 60 years ago, and he came to the rally to fight for his country again.  His presence on stage moved the entire crowd, some of us shed a tear or two in gratitude for this man’s continued service to our country.

While I’d love to post pictures of my and my family’s day at the Tea Party Express rally yesterday, there are some very mean chatters on a certain voice chat program that would relish the opportunity to do despicable things to them.  A few said I had “brainwashed” my own children into going.  These people’s hatred against anyone who holds a different opinion of theirs and “The One’s” certainly knows no bounds, and I simply won’t subject my family to that kind of criticism. Attack me all you want, but my family is out of bounds.

Here’s a video of yesterday.  I did not take it, and I don’t know the name of the person who did otherwise I’d give them full credit.  At one point in the video (which I will not disclose) I can be seen holding up my sign.  (See yesterday’s blog entry for a picture of the sign.)

All in all it was a great day, and I’m very glad I and my family went.  Even in a crowd that large, we managed to see friends, neighbors and fellow church members, and that was a pleasant surprise.

In closing, I want to offer my thanks to the Tea Party Express organizers in New Lenox for their fantastic efforts.  The Tea Party Express folks told the crowd this was their biggest gathering to date – in Barack Hussein Obama’s back yard no less.  I wonder what it says about the lack of trust in this “President” in his own home state.

More video’s can be found HERE

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