Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama Approval Index at All Time Low

New Rasmussen Poll shows Obama at an all time low approval rating, and within a single point of an overall disapproval ratings low earlier this year.


Since Jimmy Carter’s re-entered the news of late, now may be a good time to remind everyone that Obama’s “strong approval” rating now matches Jimmy Carters just before the 1980 election.

Who are these thirty percenters?  Typically government employees, union members and those who are dependent on the Government for their daily sustinence.  These same thirty percenters will never turn on a Democrat controlled administration no matter how bad it gets.

And it’s still getting worse.

September Job Loss numbers are going to be out this week, expect the monthly job loss numbers to be in excess of 500,000 jobs lost, with the average montly losses remaining near 550,000 jobs a month since Obama was elected.

Guess we know how that “hope and change” has been working out now don’t we?

Obama @ War With His Own Generals

General Stanley McChrystal, who was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama just a few months ago to lead the War ON TERRORISM in Afghanistan is now warning the Community Organizer in Chief that the United States is at risk of losing the war, among other things.

One would think that a President would listen to the Generals he has put in charge of winning a war, but that is not the case in Obamaland. 

Accordign to McClatchey newspapers, military officials in the White House and Pentagon have over the last six weeks issued specific directives to McChrystal not to submit a request for an increase in U.S. military forces.  McChrystal is said to want as many as 45,000 additional troops to turn back the Taliban in Afghanistan and stop troop losses (read that: casualties.)

Since the Pentagon and White House wouldn’t “receive” General McChrystal’s request, McChrystal sent it to Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

General McChrystal isn’t a ‘loose cannon’ here, quite the contrary.  Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General David H. Petraeus head of U.S. Central Command have both backed General McChrystal’s assessment that we are at grave risk of losing the war in Afghanistan.

Remember when Obama said the Iraq war was the “wrong war” and Afghanistan was the “right war?” 

In March of this year, Obama declared that the United States would prevent the return of the Taliban and "enhance the military, governance and economic capacity" of Afghanistan in order to help prevent al-Qaeda from returning and once again using the country as a launching pad for further attacks against the United States. But now the president seems to be backing off from his own hard line.

On CBS' "Face the Nation," Obama said that "the only reason I send a single young man or woman in uniform anywhere in the world is because I think it's necessary to keep us safe. ... We're not gonna put the cart before the horse and just think by sending more troops (to Afghanistan) we're automatically going to make Americans safe."

What’s changed between March and today?  For starters, politics here at home.  Obama and the Democrats are facing mounting opposition to nearly every thing Obama is in favor of.  A recent Opinion Research poll found that only 39% of American’s favor the war while 58% oppose it.  Make no mistake about it, this is in large part because of Obama’s constant mis-steps on everything from banking and automobile industry bailouts, cap & trade and government seizure of individual’s health care.  It’s become almost knee-jerk reaction to oppose this President here in America.

Speculation in Washington DC is that no matter what this Spring (2010) the Obama Administration will be looking to abandon Afghanistan, which not only would be a huge mistake, but a direct contradiction by Obama himself about “doing what is necessary to keep American’s safe.”

This is a flat out betrayal of the American people and the good Generals that have run the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with integrity.  Obama is endangering America with yet another surrender to Islamic Fundamentalist Extremists.

More ‘change’ we cannot count in to be sure.

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