Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama on Health Care: Which Lie Are We To Believe, Mr. President?

Joe Wilson (R. SC) Was Right - Obama Lies

Joe Wilson was the only person in the U.S. House of Representatives last night when he yelled out "You Lie!" at Barack Hussein Obama.  The fact is, back in May of this year the Democrats tried introducing an amendment to their own proposals to cover illegal aliens providing them "national health care."  It was only after the Blue Dog Democrats and the Republican's gathered together to block such a provision that it withdrawn by none other than Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House herself.
Joe Wilson was right, Obama Lies.

Our Rebuttal To Obama’s Lies To The Nation Last Night

It matters not what Barack Hussein Obama said last night about "Health Care Reform."

What matters is what he’s said in the past numerous times to his favored constituents which include the AFL-CIO and SEIU.

Make no mistake about it, Obama favors a single payer system run by the Federal Government.  His own statements acknowledge “we may not get there immediately, because first we have to take back the White House, the House and the Senate.”

Well, the Democrats have the White House, the House and the Senate.  They don’t need a single Republican vote to pass single payer.

Obama says he wants Republicans to have input into “his bill” yet he hasn’t had a single meeting with them since April of this year – 5 months ago.

So which lie(s) are we to believe Mr. President?  The ones you told tonight, or the ones in these two videos addressing your favored constituencies?  You our reader can watch and decide for yourself.

And now the final set of lies, Obama talking out of both sides of his mouth, claiming he never said he was for a single payer system.  Yet above, we see clearly that he was via unedited video.

Obama DID IN FACT say he was in favor of a single payer system numerous times, only to deny it during the 2008 Democrat debates.

Barack Hussein Obama is a proven liar, of this there is absolutely no doubt.  Joe Wilson was absolutely correct in his statement in front of the entire viewing nation last night that Obama lies. 

The unfortunate thing about his truth telling however is that the media and the Democrats will use this as a distraction to gain sympathy with the unwashed masses to try and ram through Obama's scheme for socialized, rationalized "health care."  This after both the Democrats and the lamestream media spent 8 years during the Bush Administration deriding President Bush as a "liar" and "stupid" at every turn, every chance they got.

Hypocrisy, thy name is the Democrat party.  Of this, there is also no doubt.

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