Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama Continues Plummeting ….

“Re-Branding” Health Care Reform to Health Insurance Company Reform  Transparent SHAM to American Public

The number of the nation’s voters that now strongly disapprove of Barack Hussein Obama’s inept Presidency has plummeted to 27% – that’s down four percentage points in a single week.


The number that now strongly disapprove of Obama is now 41%.  This marks the first time Obama has passed the 40% disapproval rating.

To put things in to perspective (and you won’t see this on the news!) Obama’s “strong approval” rating is now worse than George W. Bush’s was as Bush left office!!

Obama’s –14 Presidential Approval Index rating now exceeds his previous low of –12 which was set on July 30th (See Rasmussen Reports  Trends)


As Obama keeps the focus on socializing medicine, the focus of the American voter remains on the skyrocketing Federal Debt and Deficit under Obama’s watch.  Last Friday evening’s news dump that the Federal Deficit is expected to reach 9 TRILLION dollars by 2019, which is up nearly 2 TRILLION from previous projections has the voting public very uneasy about any more spending plans by Obama.

To that point, 40% of voters now say cutting the deficit is the most important while just 21% say health care is the top priority.

Credit: Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll, August 23rd, 2009

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Why Are American’s So Pissed Off?

Every once in awhile the lamestream media actually gets one right.

Yesterday’s New York Post is one of those examples:


An ABC/Washington Post poll from June showed people preferred "smaller government with fewer services" over "larger government with more services" by 54% to 41%, up from 50%-45% a year earlier (independents were even more pronounced, at 61%-35%). A Rasmussen poll from April showed that 77% of Americans preferred a "free market" economy over a "government managed" economy, up seven percentage points from just last December. A July CBS poll found that 52% of Americans think that Obama is trying to do "too much."

After 11 months of federal bailouts and freakouts, Americans have become bone tired of panicky power grabs from Washington. It's the big government, stupid.

The message of the various Tea Party protests, which predated this summer's ahistorical media panic over town hall "lynch mobs," has been pretty simple, says Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, the nonprofit that has helped organize the protests, told Reason magazine this spring. "It was: stop spending so much money, stop borrowing so much money, and stop bailing out people who were irresponsible."

It's a reality that surely haunts the politically sensitive Obama administration: Ever since George W. Bush first tried to cram the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) down the throats of largely unwilling citizens, bailouts of failed institutions, from AIG to American Axle, have been enormously unpopular.

Top 10 Obama Government Grabs

1. The Stimulus ($787 billion) Making government the nation's largest employer.

2. The Omnibus ($410 billion) Now largely forgotten, this porktastic piece of leftover Bush legislation passed in March without so much as a peep from a new administration that campaigned nobly against earmarks and fiscal irresponsibility.

3. Health Care Reform ($1 trillion?)  The white whale of Obama's domestic agenda; currently under threat from all sides of every aisle.

4. Cap and Trade.   Not yet law, and less likely to become so now that health care reform has hit the skids, this House-approved legislation would nonetheless make producing and consuming energy much more expensive, adding an estimated $1,100 per household by 2050, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

5. Antitrust lawsuits against Google, et al.  Not on everyone's radar screen yet, but the new head of the Justice Department's antitrust division has recently said, regarding everyone's favorite free search engine, that "I think you are going to see a repeat of Microsoft."

6) Pay Czar  As part of the federalization of commerce, the Obama administration appointed a "Special Master for Compensation" to review the top salaries of executives at firms receiving bailout money. This will surely debase their global competitiveness.

7. Turning Pell Grants into an entitlement.  This, like the recently terminated Cash-for-Clunkers program, will doubtlessly prove popular (as most federal programs that give away "free" money usually are), but the Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act will, if passed, make the federal government the last big provider of student loans in America.

8. Having the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco.
This Philip Morris-backed development, which will reduce the nicotine content of cigarettes, will keep safer tobacco products off the market while imposing onerous marketing restrictions.

9. Consumer Financial Protection Agency.   Unclear how it will all shake out, but the federal government is preparing steps for unprecedented regulation of all consumer finance transactions. Already, payday lenders are being chased into the black market, and New York is losing its luster as an international capital for finance.  (By the way, Garage Sale Czar, anyone?  See Saturday, Aug. 21st blog entry.)

10. Federal Trade Commission overreach.  Again off most radar screens, the former Ralph Naderite who now runs the FTC's Consumer Protection Division has announced intentions to crack down on companies deemed to violate consumer privacy, even if no consumers are complaining.

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