Sunday, August 30, 2009

“It Ain’t America No Mo’ – Update”

Rent-A-Cop Posing As Police Officer Must Be FIRED

It turns out that Wesley Cheeks Jr.  the alleged “officer” in yesterday’s post and video isn’t a police officer at all!

Phone calls to the County of Fairfax Police Department in Reston Virginia confirmed that Mr. Cheeks is a a rent-a-cop “security guard” for the Fairfax County, Virginia Public School System.

As a lowly security guard, Mr. Cheeks had no legal authority whatsoever to threaten to arrest any anti-Obama protesters at Congressman Jim Moran’s (D. – Virginia) “health care town hall” on August 25th.  In fact, Cheeks had no authority whatsoever (other than that which he appointed himself) to tell anyone protesting at Congressman Jim Moran’s “health care town hall” which signs they could – or could not hold.

Clearly Mr. Cheek’s is committed several legal violations, the most notable of which are impersonating a police officer by threatening to arrest protesters, and violating or conspiring to violate the First Amendment Constitutional Rights of the protesters in attendance.

Mr. Cheeks needs to learn the law, and we’d like to encourage our readers to help him do so.  What better way than to have this rogue rent-a-cop directly interact with “the system” he pretended to represent?

Mr. Cheek’s boss with the Fairfax County School System – Security Services division is named Carl Davis.  He can be reached at 571.423.1200, the 24 hour dispatch “hot line.”  The Chief Security Coordinator (Davis’ boss) is named Jim McLain, his direct dial is 7083.658.3769. 

At a minimum, Wesley Cheeks Jr. should be fired for overstepping his “authority” and for violating the first amendment rights of those who were protesting.  That is if they want to avoid a multi-million class action lawsuit.

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