Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Think Public Option is Dead?

Think Again, It’s Been Re-Named “Public Co-Ops”

The trial balloon floated over the weekend by Obama was that the “public option is a small part – a sliver – of a comprehensive plan.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Public Option as it’s been called is the cornerstone of the Obama Administration’s plans to ultimately achieve a single-payer system.  As Obama himself said back in 2003 in front of the SEIU, achieving a “single payer” system (now known as “public option”) wouldn’t happen overnight.  See here for yourself:

Public Option is now “Public Co-Ops.”  Public Co-Ops as they are currently being discussed will be large pools maintained within individual states, backed by federal funding.

But wait! you may say to yourself – isn’t that the same thing as a Public Option?  Yes, it is.  A rose by any other name is still a rose.

Obama is still maintaining the goal of a single payer system.  While “public option” has gained itself a bad name, “public co-ops” is a new term that most haven’t heard of yet, and is simply a re-packaging and re-branding of an already failed idea.

While the Obama Administration may (or may not ….) have given up on “public option” it’s important to remember to ignore what they say, watch what they do.

Obama Approves OffShore Drilling

For Brazil, Not United States

While gasoline prices continue to rise again here in the U.S. the Obama Administration has approved lending to Brazil’s state owned oil company, Petrobras to explore for oil in the Tupi oil field in the Santos basin near Rio de Janiero.

Why not fund drilling off-shore in the United States?  After all, the ban on offshore drilling expired last year, before Obama became President and we have known reserves off the east coast and in the Gulf of Mexico that can be tapped into fairly easily. 

So why are we funding Brazil, and creating Brazilian jobs when we could be exploring and creating our own desperately needed jobs here in the United States?

It just baffles the mind what this “President” must be thinking on this one.

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