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The “Uninsured” In America

Debunking the 47 million myth

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office recently completed its own study on just who the “47 million uninsured” are in America, and their results simply blow away the mantra by the extreme left wing liberal left and their willing co-whores in the media, who’ve been shilling for complete “health care reform.”

According to the Congressional Budget Office survey, here are the actual statistics on the “47 million” that are uninsured in America:

18 million of the uninsured make more than $50,000 a year.  The majority (10 million) make $75,000 a year or more.  This group of individuals or families could otherwise afford to pay for their own health insurance but choose not to.  Why should the taxpayers of this country foot the bill for them?

Another 10 million of the ‘uninsured’ are in this country illegally and are not American citizens according to the CBO, and wouldn’t have health insurance anyway.  Again, why should the taxpayers of this country foot the bill for them?  They don’t belong here, deport them – it’s cheaper!

For those of you keeping count, 48 million – 28 million leave us with 20 million.

Now who are these 20 million that lack insurance?

For starters, approximately 15 million of them are the chronically “uninsured” meaning the poor to low income American’s.  These Americans however are already fully eligible for ‘free’ health insurance through government programs that already exist – notably Medicare and Medicaid.

The remaining 5 million are children of parents who would otherwise have health care insurance if only their stupid parents would enroll in the Medicare or Medicaid programs that are already available to them!

So why does Obama and the Democrats along with their willing co-whores in the media continue to propagate the 47 million people are uninsured lie?

Because without such a large number, there would be no “urgency” for the Government to seize control of health care and “reform” the system.

The facts are this.  First, Obama’s “plan” would cost a minimum of $1.5 TRILLION dollars in debt that the Government does not have to spend.  Why should we believe the $1.5 TRILLION dollar cost when the “Cash for Clunkers” program spent 3x as much as the Government originally budgeted, and they couldn’t manage that “program” right to begin with?

Second, the CBO estimates that if Obama’s plan were put into action, there would be ZERO cost savings, and in fact the costs could be much higher than what Obama is saying.

Third, also according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Offive, Obama’s plan would simply explode the size of government growth and create a large ‘secondary insurance’ market, meaning health care costs for all citizens would go up more than double that which we pay today.

Fourth and finally, Obama’s plan would leave nearly 17 MILLION American’s uninsured once his plan was fully implemented.

Now I ask you, which is better: Having the 18 million American’s who don’t have insurance automatically enrolled in Medicare/Medicaid which they already qualify for anyway, or creating a new class of 17 million uninsured American’s?

The choice is clear – and it’s not ObamaCare, that’s for damn’ sure.


Obama Approval Rating Continues Nose Dive

Drops To New Low, Matches Jimmy Carter

The more Obama pushes his plan for socialized health care, the more his approval ratings take a hit.   Obama’s polling numbers are now so bad, he’s matched Jimmy Carter for the same low approval ratings at the same point in both their presidencies.


Obama’s “Approval” rating is now at 47%, with the majority – 53% – now  Disapproving of him and his policies.

America’s awakening to this fraud of a President and his socialist/marxist policies continues.  In fact, CNN/Gallup reports that the town hall protests are having a major impact on so-called “Independent” voters.  It appears that Independents have favored the protesters actions by at 2:1 margin.  That’s even more bad news for Obama. 

Can Obama sink any lower?  YES HE CAN!


Suspect in Obama/Joker Posters To Be Charged

May Be Charged With “Hate Crime”

Eric Jensen of Clermont, Florida was taken into custody and interviewed by Clermont Police for putting up these posters in and around Clermont Florida:

Obama Joker During his interview with the police, Jensen admitted to putting up some 500 of these posters in and around the city.  Police on the other hand believe he had help.

City officials don’t have any idea how much “damage” the posters have caused, but are investigating among other things, charging Jensen with vandalism and in one case, a federal crime for having stuck a poster on a Clermont post office mail collection box.

City officials may also be investigating “hate crimes” against Jensen because (get this ..) Obama is black and Jensen is white.

This is yet another chilling example of how freedom of speech and freedom of expression is being squelched in this country.

Just imagine the uproar of any anti-Bush protester was ever arrested for placing any of their hateful, anti-Bush propaganda on public spaces such as bus stops, underground tunnel walls or bridge overpasses – as frequently happened during the Bush Administration.  Yet we never heard or read of a single arrest!

The Democrats think it’s free speech when they do it, and somehow it’s a crime when their own tactics are used against them. 

Well, two can play at this game, and we have some advice for those who are getting the message out on Obama.

Our word to the wise: for those of you who are thinking of putting these posters up in public places we have some advice for you:


1. Pay Cash when having the posters printed.  Never use a credit card, as these transactions can be tracked back to you personally.

2. When using a public facility like a Kinko’s, library or other location that has poster printing capabilities wear a disguise.  A simple hat, sunglasses and light jacket can hide basic facial and body features commonly used to physically describe someone.

3. When placing posters for public view, do not place them on any federal or private property.  Placing them on federal property carries its own set of criminal charges that are not so easily explained away should one become arrested. 

4. This is an important one: scope out the area in which posters will be displayed ahead of time.  Look for traffic and other camera’s in the area which may provide surveillance to police, or can be used to show evidence against you should you be caught. 

5. Finally, when placing posters in public places its important to wear a simple, basic disguise such as sunglasses, a hat, a light jacket if the temperature calls for it.  Do not dress in a way that would call attention to yourself, the object is to blend in as much as possible with your surroundings.  Once the poster is placed, simply walk away without drawing attention to yourself.  Blend in with the crowd as much as possible to make your exit from the area.

Ronald Reagan on Socialized Medicine – 1961

The Gipper was right then, and he’s right now.  Listen as Reagan reminds us of James Madison’s prediction that this country will lose its liberty if it gives the Government too much power.

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