Thursday, August 6, 2009

Majority Now Blames Obama For Driving Up Deficit

It’s Official: Obama Now Owns This Crap Sammich!

I love it when my fellow American’s who’ve been asleep at the wheel since the November, 2008 elections finally start waking up again.

First our fellow Concerned Citizens express their disapproval at Democrat (and Republican..) town hall’s across the country about Obama’s health death care reform proposals, and now they’ve finally see the light on Obama’s spending policies which have driven our federal deficit and debt to stellar proportions.

According to Scott Rasmussen, the majority of voters – a whopping 71% – now blame Obama for the size of the Federal deficit.

Still worse news for Obama is that 80% of investors blame him for the budget deficit, and the majority of Democrats (that’s right, Democrats!) to the tune of 52% blame him for the size of the deficit.

Among “Independent” voters, 78% blame Obama for the size of the deficit.

And finally, in the same poll more than 54% of voters polled now say that TAX CUTS for the middle class are more important than new government spending, including “health care reform” even as Obama’s advisors say tax hikes may be necessary to “fix the deficit.”

Make no mistake about it – the American voters are wide awake paying attention to this Obamanation of a President and we are witnessing the flat out rejection his socialist/marxist policies.

We’ve been saying for months now here on NoBamaNation that Obama was responsible for the 2009 budget deficit, whether in part by voting for it as a Sentor, or by signing into law spending bills of which the size and scope this country has never seen before.

Good Morning America – It’s Time For A Change.

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