Friday, August 28, 2009

Your Papers Please!

Demands ID Before Allowing Questions at Town Hall

At a townhall meeting today, Congressman Jim Moran (D. VA) demanded to see the ID of a constituent before allowing him to pose a question. The Democrats are desperate, taking any measure they think they can get away with in shutting down public debate over healthcare. 

Moran accused the gentleman in the video of being an “imposter” from outside his district.
I wonder, why is it Democrats demand to see the ID’s of their constituents before answering a simple question, yet these same Democrats consistently vote against any law requiring proof of citizenship before casting a vote in a Presidential election for example, to stop illegal aliens from voting?

The problem for Congressman Moran is, he’s just demonstrated exactly why an ID validating one’s citizenship is needed to stop voter fraud in this country.   Of course the Democrats would never allow that to happen, they might not win another election if they did!

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