Monday, August 10, 2009

Democrats Using Racial Profiling In Choosing Town Hall Meeting Locations

Only “Obama-Friendly” Districts for Town Halls

Five of the six “Town Hall” meetings on Government Controlled Health Care listed in Illinois are in predominantly black districts. How do I know this?  First, I’m familiar with each location announced and second, examining the Congressional District Maps from 2008 reveals towns and racial make-up of each district.

I wonder if anyone else is doing a similar analysis of these "town halls" to see if the Democrats are trying to rig the crowds in their favor?  Let’s take a close look at the announced “town halls” for Illinois:

image The first "rally" is on August 15th and is actually a mini Pro-Obamacare march kicking off in the heart of Danny Davis' (D. IL) district, which is on average 85% black.  Davis is holding four of the six announced “Town Hall” meetings, all in his district.

The second rally being held later that day again by Danny Davis (D. IL) and is being held in a park in the center of his district.

image The third rally is being held on 8/18 by Jesse Jackson Jr. (D. IL)  at "Sheldon Heights Church of Christ" .. this is a large, predominantly black church  in Harvey Illinois which is 80% Black.  A political rally at a black church in a predominantly black town?  I'm shocked .. SHOCKED I tell you! Where's the IRS and why aren't they yanking their tax exempt status?  By the way, Jesse Jackson Jr’s district is on average 82% black.

The fourth "rally" is on 8/22 being held at "Malcolm X College" on Chicago's near South Side by Danny Davis (again.) Surprise, it's in a overwhelmingly black neighborhood.  The racial makeup of “Malcolm X College” shows that only 7% of its attendees are Caucasian, 55% are Black and 33% are Hispanic.   (By the way, the train I take to work passes right by this "college" through the neighborhood it’s located in which looks like a war zone.)

A fifth rally, again held by Danny Davis is in the 2nd Baptist Church of Maywood, which is 83% black. I used to have to drive through this neighborhood to get to/from where I worked while putting myself through college and was once mugged in that town at the corner of 5th and Roosevelt Road near Loyola Hospital while sitting at a stop light. (That was in 1985) Again, where is the IRS and why isn't this "Church's" tax exempt status being yanked?  By the way, the “Pastor” of this church – Wallace W. Sykes is a good friend of none other than Obama’s former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

image The final, sixth rally is being held in Skokie, Illinois the home of rabid pro-government run health care proponent Jan Shakowsky (D. IL) at a local high school. This is the *only* town hall that is not located in a predominantly black neighborhood, but is however considered one of the most liberal Congressional districts in Illinois.

Now, I know each of the neighborhoods that these "town halls" are being held in as I've been through each and every one of them. I've also looked at the Congressional maps and provided links to the racial makeups of the districts and towns these “town halls” are being conducted in.  The only logical conclusion – which is based in fact – that can be drawn here is that these “town halls” are deliberately being held in “Obama friendly” locations here in Illinois.  Of this, there can be no dispute.

Now the question is, is anyone else seeing a similar pattern for these so-called "town halls" that are being planned across the country?  If you are’ we’d love to hear from you.  Click our email link on our Profile page.


What Happens When You Challenge A Democrat

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This is how Democrats are reportedly reacting across the Country.

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