Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Federal Judge Bitch-Slaps Obama, Orders Transparency

Federal Reserve Must Disclose Recipients of Taxpayer Bailouts

Here come the judge!

With more than $2 TRILLION dollars in run-away Federal Spending at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama, a Federal Judge ruled late last night that the Federal Reserve must make public reports about all recipients of emergency loans (taxpayer bailouts) under programs created to address the “current financial crisis.”

What Congress and Obama have thus far refused to do, a federal judge has ordered transparency in how taxpayer dollars are being spent!

This means that Bernanke must immediately begin reporting who received taxpayer dollars in all the “bailout schemes” and how much they received.

This long awaited “transparency” was promised by the Obama Administration back in February but never materialized.  Less than 5% of all bailout monies have been disclosed on government websites to date. 

We cannot wait until the level of absolute corruption that has been wrought by this administration’s wild and wreckless spending is finally exposed.

Source: Bloomberg

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