Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Angry At The Federal Government? You're In Good Company

71% Angry, Up 5 Percentage Points Since September

Rasmussen had an interesting poll yesterday which showed 71% of all American's are "angry" at their Government, saying it's moving in the wrong direction.  46% are "very angry" that the government is moving in the wrong direction while 27% aren't angry at all about "government policies."

So why are the overwhelming majority of so mad?

Let's start with the basics.  10.2% unemployment on average in this country and rising.  Some parts of the country are over 11% and 12%.  Parts of Michigan exceed 20%.  Real Unemployment, which counts those that have exhausted benefits, fallen off the unemployment rolls, or are under-employed in part-time positions averages 17.5%.  That's near Depression Era levels, and the highest it's been since the malaise days and mixery index of Jimmy Carter.

Out of control government spending.  The Obama Administration pissed away $1.5 TRILLION dollars in unaccounted for, wasteful "stimulus" spending that didn't produce a single job, and Congressional earmarks for their own favorite pet projects on top of that.

Government bailouts of the banks, automobile industries which cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars ON TOP OF the $1.5 TRILLION above.

Government attempting to seize our Health Care system, ration care, and implement death panels, putting Grrandma and Grandpa at risk by cutting Medicare to the tune of $500,000,000 over the next ten years.

Cap & Trade, which will further kill the economy.

Health Care Taxes, and prison for those who don't buy health care.

Democrats renewing the 'promise' to naturalize nearly 20,000,000 illegal aliens in this country.

A world spinning out of control with a President embracing every third-world tyrant from Ahmedinejad in Iran to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela while simultaneously pissing off the one Democracy in the middle east, Israel.

Frittering away America's best and brightest in Iraq and Afghanistan, dithering on increasing troop counts while our troops die in Afghanistan needlessly.

A nuclear Iran, nuclear North Korea, fully backed by Russia and China respectively.

And finally, bringing the terrorists who helped plan and execute the largest attack ever on American soil to New York City to face trial in a criminal court, rather than subjecting them to military justice as the enemy combatants they are.  Giving American's civil rights to terrorists goes against every Constitutional principle most right thinking American's hold dear.

Sure we're mad as hell, and it's this worthless piece of crap President that's pissing us all off.  That's the hidden message you won't see in these "polls."  You will however see the building rage in this country demonstrated in the ballot box in November 2010.

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