Friday, December 4, 2009

Obama Blames Small Business For Lack of Jobs

Summit Exposes Lack of Business, Economics Experience

Barack Hussein Obama has never held a job in the private sector, so is it any wonder that yesterday Obama blamed small business owners for “protecting their profits” as one of the primary reasons the unemployment rate is so high?obamaclown

This gem was followed by yet another “brilliant” statement that the Government "”cannot spend its way out of recession.”

Almost $2,000,000,000,000 dollars later, reality sets in that the Government doesn’t create jobs, business’ do.  We all know that Small Businesses are the economic engine of this country, yet Obama continues to “bash and tax” them into oblivion whilst simultaneously blaming them for lack of job creation.

As someone who’s started two small businesses, I can speak authoritatively on this issue in saying “of course they protect their profits, for without those profits small business would not be able to employ anyone in the first place, much less be the economic engine of this country.”  Profits drive growth which drives economic expansion and job creation.  It really is that simple, Obama must’ve been all ‘wee-wee’d up” during Economics 101.

The fact is also that laying off employees is typically the last thing most companies want to do.  The cost of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training new employees and making them productive within a company are so exorbitant they often take two years or more to recover. 

So are small businesses reluctant to hire in this economic climate?  You bet they are, and for good reason: We’ve had two years worth of Obama bashing small businesses (one year as a “Candidate”) threatening to increase their taxes and “spread the wealth around.”

It doesn’t take an economic genius to know that this bozo’s economic policies are ruining this country, driving us further and further into debt and eventually the bills are going to come due via higher inflation and a further erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power.

Ronald Wilson Reagan had it exactly right when he said during his first inaugural address: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”
True then, true now.

Why Is Janet Napolitano Warning Al-Qaeda in America?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano warned that al-Qaida followers are inside the U.S. and pose the threat of terrorist attacks on Americans.
“The fact is that home-based terrorism is here,” she said in an address to the American-Israel Friendship League in New York on Wednesday night.
I wondered why this “warning” had been issued, then I read several stories about a new muslim terrorist hijacking dry-run that occurred on November 27th on AirTran Flight 297 between Houston and Atlanta that at first sounded very suspicioius, but has since been confirmed by several people who were on the flight, one an employee of NASA named Tedd Petruna.

So my question here is, why is Janet Napolitano “warning” Al-Qaeda in America and not finding and killing the bastards instead?  Where is our national security?  Why are muslims even allowed in America at this point?

Obama’s dithering and mixed signals in winning the war on terror no doubt means we’re going to fighting Al-Qaeda here on our own soil soon vis a vis more 9-11 style attacks. Clearly this “President” doesn’t want to win and our enemies know it.

“Warning” them?  Let’s find ‘em, kill ‘em, wrap their dead bodies in pig skin and drop them off via airmail back home where they belong.

This political correctness bullshit is going to get us all killed.

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When Left-Wing Marxists Turn On Each Other

Obama’s Good Friend William Ayers Turns On Him

I’m always heartened when left-wing marxists who want to destroy America turn on each other.
Video is from Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago.  Watch as William Ayers turns on his good friend Barack Hussein Obama over the “troop surge” in Afghanistan.

I wonder if Ayers is going to hold fundraisers for Obama in 2012 after this.  Ayers by the way was the first prominent left-wing liberal marxist in Chicago to host a fundraiser for Obama when he began his U.S. Senate run in 2006. 

Ayers is also widely suspected as being the shadow writer of Obama’s “Dreams of my Father” due to the hundreds of similarities between Obama’s and Ayers’ “writing styles.”

It’s always fun to watch when the left-wing marxist wingnuts turn on each other isn’t it?

Obama best have the Secret Service check his mail for letter bombs after this.


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