Monday, December 7, 2009

Obama's EPA: CO2 Is A Dangerous Pollutant

Biggest Power Grab in EPA History Will Further Kill U.S. Economy

The Obama Administration's Environmental Protection Agency is set to declare CO2 a "dangerous pollutant" today which will give the agency broad, sweeping powers in regulating the "gas" as a harmful pollutant.

In declaring CO2 a "dangerous pollutant" the EPA will claim power to regulate anything and everything that emits CO2, a naturally occurring gas that is widely and mistakenly blamed for "global warming."

Powers of the EPA will exceed that of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the implications to businesses of all sizes are stunning.  For example, oil refineries in the United States would simply shut down and import gasoline from overseas where they are out of reach of the EPA and emission constraints.  If gasoline prices aren't high enough now, wait until it's imported from overseas. 

Utility companies will be "granted" CO2 permits, but would pay hefty fines if they exceed their "allotment."  Those fines would ultimately passed along to consumers in the form of higher energy costs.

As with everything, "follow the money" I always say.  So what is the EPA's declaration really about?  Money and power.  At the heart of this fight are a Government that is looking for any and every way to increase its "revenue" by finding new sources of taxes, and a transfer of wealth to third-world developing countries who allegedly "bear the brunt" of global warming by being kept down by the U.N. and industrialized nations by not being "allowed" to produce greenhouse gases.  In Copenhagen, there is expected to be much debate how much the West, or industrialized countries will pay developing nations to restrict their CO2 emissions. 

"There is no agreement without money," says Rosário Bento Pais, a top climate negotiator for the European Commission, the European Union's executive arm. "That is clear."

Follow the money.

Wall Street Journal: Business Fumes Ove rEPA Rule

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Anonymous said...

Global warming has been proven to be a fraud,and these jackasses want to declare co2 a health hazard for what? So they can tax it!

Throw these morons out of office NOW!