Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama’s “Jobs Summit”

Ignores Chamber of Commerce, SBA But Includes Berkley Egg-Heads That Have Never Worked in Private Sector

Today “dear leader” is having A “jobs summit” with his leftist wingnut friends at Google, while leaving out the Chamber of Commerce, which represents small businesses across America.

You remember small businesses, those are the companies that are the jobs creation engines in this country.

And they’re being completely ignored by a “President” that doesn’t4rde04 have a clue about how to run an economy, as evidenced by an “economic stimulus package” that’s spent $787 billion dollars and has yet to create one single job.   Unless of course you count the ones that were reported in Congressional districts that don’t exist. 

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up it’s so far out in left field that it defies logic and reason, so hang on folks, the worst is yet to come!

NoBamanation to the rescue! Here’s our plan for dear leader and his leftist wing nuts to immediately boost the economy:

1. Cut taxes. Across the board by no less than 15%.  This includes those making more than $250k a year and those living at ‘poverty level.’  Everyone gets a tax cut, no exceptions.  The great thing about this one is, it works every time it’s been tried.

2. Cut Capital Gains taxes by a minimum of 15% over the Bush tax cuts.  That’s right, not only leave the Bush tax cuts in place, increase them by 15% to spur re-investment and stop hoarding of cash in this country.  This one works every time too.

3. Codify into law a 3 year depreciation cycle for all business investment into Capital production.  This will spur much needed business investment and boost the economy by allowing companies operating in America to reduce equipment depreciation cycles from 5-7 years down to 3.

4. Increase the Research & Development deductions for all companies to spur innovation.  50% of all R&D efforts should be tax-deductible to increase innovation and maximize capital investment dollars, making America the number one destination for all new start-up companies.

5. Immediately STOP all so-called “stimulus spending.”  There is absolutely no transparency into how the American People’s money is being spent.  If this were the Bush Administration, the lamestream media would’ve been screaming bloody murder months ago.  The fact is, the Government that spends less, spends best.  These morons couldn’t manage “Cash for Clunkers” properly, putting them in charge of the economy?  Oh hell no.

6. Stop all this nonsense about socializing our healthcare.  The thought of the Government taking another $2 TRILLION dollars out of our economy is but another factor that has every man, woman, child and business deathly afraid of spending a single dollar, knowing full well the Government is going to tax the hell out of us for its ineptness and inefficiency in running healthcare.

7. Permanently eliminate the Death Tax.  This is the tax that the government imposes on every estate worth more than $2.5 million dollars by seizing 45% of it just because they can.  This re-distribution of wealth doesn’t help the economy.  Never has, never will.  Those who earned their money have the God given right to keep and do with it what they will, including bequeathing it to their children or charities – as they see fit.

8. Last but certainly not least, the Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Association absolutely positively must included in any discussions on how to spur economic growth.  If this country is to get back on the right track, the people who know how to create jobs must be at the table, not a bunch of left-wing Berkley egg-heads that have never worked in the private sector in their lives.

That’s my plan, simple, easy, and chock full of the common sense that most right-thinking Americans already know, as evidenced by a recent Rasmussen poll which shows that 71% of American’s believe that the right way to fix the economy is to cut taxes.

Think I’ve missed something?  Let’s hear from you, the comments section is always open.


West Point Cadet Reads “Kill Bin Laden” During Obama’s Speech

Some Slept, Some Made Good Use Of Time

Ok, we know it was long, boring, and full of the SOS that we’re used to in Obama’s speeches.

Without getting into the analysis of how Obama surrendered to the Terrorists during his speech the other night, at least one West Point Cadet had the right idea:

potd dec 3So while some slept, some made good use of their time.  Still others displayed their displeasure in other ways (hint: look to the right of the Cadet reading.)

Seems NO ONE was happy with Obama’s speech at West Point, which seems to be an ever growing trend btw.

I’m just sayin’.

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