Friday, December 11, 2009

Mugged By Reality

Obama’s Nobel Speech Acknowledges Evil Exists

Sometimes a President just gets mugged by the reality of a situation, as was the case with Barack Hussein Obama yesterday in Norway.

In his speech before the Nobel Committee in which he accepted an award that he did not earn, does not have the body of work for, and will never accomplish what those who were nominated with him have, Obama was forced by reality to admit that evil does exist in this world, and that sometimes war is necessary to restore peace.

For a moment or two I thought I was listening to the wisdom of George W. Bush in front of the United Nations, as he justified the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as Obama dragged kicking and screaming by the reality of history, had to acknowledge America’s role in keeping the peace in this world, and the unlevel burden we bear in the fight against terror.

As critical as I am of Barack Hussein Obama, today I must give him credit for finally telling the truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, that evil does in fact exist in this world, and that America as the greatest nation on this planet – still – bears the uneven burden of fighting it on behalf of all nations.

Congratulations Obama, you got one right.  Mark the day on your calendar, it will likely be a long time before you do so again.

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