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Global Warming: A Mann Made Hoax

The Facts About Global Warming

As things stand today, we now know that two "climatologists" are at the heart of the Global "Warming" fiasco of which Al Gore has financially benefitted from the last 10 years with his "carbon credit" scheme.

First there is Michael Mann, the Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Meteorology adn Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, also the Director of the University's Inter-Departmental Earth System Science Center.

Second is Britain's leading climate "scientist" Phil Jones who along with Mann published more than 100 "peer reviewed articles" on global warming. 

As I've gone through the emails over the last week, there are two names that are repeatedly mentioned in how "scientists" are to correct their own data, thus showing the "hockey stick effect" which "proves global warming: Mann and Jones. 

We now know that global warming is a Mann made hoax, perpetrated on Governments for continued research funding (read that: tax payer dollars) and as a way to "control" the population of the planet. 

Perhaps "hoax" isn't the right word, as it implies "humor" or "fun" and there is no fun to be had in adopting the "recommendations" that the global warming alarmists want to impose on the rest of us.

"Crime against all humanity" is a better term for what Mann and Jones have tried to pull off.  I certainly like that better.  So why has the liberal lamestream media continued to ignore a story that's almost a week old on the 'net?  Facts are pesky things, and this whole climate-gate stuff is pretty difficult to understand, much like Watergate was during the Nixon Administration, so allow me to simplify it:

It's not the crime, it's the cover-up.

In deliberately using false data, and covering their tracks with 'peer reviews', refusal to respond to Freedom of Information Acts, destroying emails and other damn'ing data, and ostracising those who disagreed with their "scientific" approach, Mann and Jones have managed to criminally affect national and global policies that impact all nations economies to the cost of trillions of dollars in reduced wages, productivity and revenues to governments.

Obama Environmental Czar John Holdren Implicated In Scandal

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the Mann made global warming hoax is Obama Environmental Czar John Holdren's role in it all as his name appears in several emails stating that those who disagreed with 'global warming' would be made into 'raw entertainment' for the rest of the scientific community.

Holdren is well known for his totalitarian views on forced abortions and mass sterilization to "save the planet."   Most recently, Holdren advocated for a transnational "Planetary Regime" that would take control of the global economy, dictating the most intimate details of Americans' lives -- using an armed international police force.

Holdren's other claims in the past have included that the world is running out of oil in his 1971 Sierra Club book, Energy: A Crisis in Power, Holdren declared that "it is fair to conclude that under almost any assumptions, the supplies of crude petroleum and natural gas are severely limited. The bulk of energy likely to flow from these sources may have been tapped within the lifetime of many of the present population."  In addition to his early formed radical views on forced abortions and sterilization, he also advocated for centralized, global economic planning to "minimize impacts to the planet" through "The Limits to Growth" club, of which he was a founding member. 

You might think that Holdren's views would be impossible to impose but that would be incorrect as this has been the goal of global warming alarmists all along: change the way people live, produce and procreate.

Where's Glenn Beck on this, by the way?  I'd have thought he'd be railing against Holdren on TV by now. 

What Will Obama Do in Copenhagen?

Now that "global warming" has been proven to be a fraud perpetrated on all humanity, what type of "bowing" will Obama do for the rest of the world in Copenhagen? 

According to the Los Angeles Tiems Greenspace blog:

The White House will also announce today that the United States will commit, in the talks, to reduce its emissions of the heat-trapping gases scientists blame for global warming "in the range of" 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, the official said. That's the target set out in the climate bill the House passed in June.

White House officials said the decision to attend came after productive climate discussions between Obama and the heads of China and India, two developing nations whose participation is seen as critical to any successful effort to avert catastrophic climate change."
The Obama Administration is either behind the times or is deliberately ignoring the breaking climate-gate fraud as they attempt to further destroy the American Economy by implementing more taxes and expanding the size of the Federal Government in the largets power grab by the Fed's in the country's history.

Is Obama dumb enough to let climate-gate damage him?  I suspect he is, the power hungry arrogant bastard that he is.

Five Aussie MP's Resign Over Carbon Tax

The ETS is Australia’s version of America’s proposed Cap and Trade and the EU’s various carbon reduction schemes: a way of taxing business on its CO2 output.

Though the ETS squeaked narrowly through Australia’s House of Representatives, its Senate is proving more problematic – thanks not least to the widespread disgust by the many Senators who have read Professor Plimer’s book Heaven And Earth at the dishonesty and corruption of the Global Warming industry. If the Senate keeps rejecting the scheme, then the Australian government will be forced to dissolve.

Editor: If only the U.S. Congress had such integrity. 

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Brian H Campbell said...

Global warming facts prove global warming to be vastly exaggerated. How did ice melt during the ice age before we had man made global warming? Also, cap and trade is full of fraud.