Saturday, November 21, 2009

They Can Run, But They Cannot Hide

The Congress That Votes Against The Will of The American People Together, Will Suffer The Judgement of The American People Together.

There is little doubt in my mind at this point that the Democrat Controlled Senate is going to commit political jihad against the American People today and vote to subject us all to their will vis a vis Government Run “Health Care.”

We’ve seen the precursor already this week when a “Government Panel” recommended that mammograms not be routinely performed until a woman reaches age 50, which with Government run health care will condemn many women to death simply because they have the misfortune of having breast cancer before that age.  My own sister who was thankfully diagnosed in the earliest stages when she was 36 years old, would’ve died under such “guidelines.”  Thankfully through early detection she is still with us 14 years later.

My sisters story is not uncommon.  I know so many families who’ve been touched, and decimated by the effects of breast cancer.  Children who’ve been left without their mothers, husbands having to go it alone to raise them is just one of the tragedies that will no doubt occur under these “guidelines” once Government run health care is here.

Men, do you think you’re immune?  Prostate cancer affects nearly 6 of 10 men at some point during our lives according to most readily available statistics.  Just wait until the “government guidelines” come out and take away early testing and detection for us.

For all the ‘talk’ about how Government run health care is going to save lives through early detection and prevention, this Government is moving at light speed to take early detection and cure away.

So today, the Democrat controlled Senate is going to vote on seizing control of our lives.  They have all the votes they need, 60, to achieve cloture (stop debate and fillibusters)  and pass the legislation without a single Republican vote.

The Senate is doing this on a Saturday knowing full well the Capitalobamacare switchboard is closed, so the American People cannot call and voice their opposition to this monstrosity, this “Obamanation” if you will.  They don’t want to hear from you or I.

The Senate’s email gateways however, are fully up and running.  As is their blackberry service, so we have a way in, to “reach out and touch them” with our message of opposition.

So today, we’re encouraging all of our readers to email the Senate and voice your displeasure with the so-called “Health Care Reform” bill.  We've made the complete list of all Senators and their aides available to you simply by sending an email to us, which will automatically respond with the list.

We caution you to not copy and paste the entire list into the TO, CC or BCC lines in your email client.  Most ISP’s will detect the email as SPAM and block it, as will the Senate’s email gateway.

To maximize the chances of your email getting seen by human eyes, copy and paste ONE ADDRESS into the “To” line, and no more than five to seven in the “CC” line.  Yes this means sending more than one email, but you’ll be achieving the desired outcome of your email actually being seen by human eyes.

The Senate can run from us today and refuse to take our phone calls, but they can’t hide from email on their blackberries all day.

Give ‘em hell, America.

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