Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We’re All Racists Now

Obama’s Support Drops Precipitously Across Most Categories

As if the Rasmussen polling data showing Obama’s negatives at –15 yesterday wasn’t bad enough, Gallup released a poll showing Obama’s support across every category except one dropping since taking office.

Gallup Poll Nov 24 I guess we’re all racists now.  Funny how that term has completely lost its meaning and impact now that Jimmy Carter v. 2.0 has dithered his way through destroying our economy and the war effort in Afghanistan.

The one category that Obama didn’t lose support in, was amongst Black American’s, where he went from 90% approval to 91% approval.

Gallup Demographics Nov 24

At the end of the day, the core demographics that make up the base of Obama’s support, Blacks, Women, young adults 18 – 29 and College educated show huge erosions in three of the four major demographics.  

In the liberal East and Midwest, Obama’s support has dropped nearly one-fifth due to his job killing, tax and spend, bigger government proposals.

While Obama’s personal popularity may remain high, what this poll shows is the decline in approval for the job he’s doing in office.  The Democrats and their Obama Approved Media continue to fail at making this important distinction, which is why we felt it necessary to point it out to you, our reader today.

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