Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Predictions, Tuesday Nov. 3rd

Going on record for today's elections in Virginia, New Jersey and NY-23

Virginia: Robert McDonnell has opened up such a wide lead, there's no way R. Creigh Deeds and ACORN can steal the election.  Virginia which went for Obama in 2008 by less than 5% turns Red again today.

New Jersey: Cris Christie has a narrow lead against incumbent governor (D.) John Corzine.  Obama was in New Jersey over the weekend campaigning for Corzine, calling him a key ally in the White House.  This was the signal to ACORN that Obama's doubled down on New Jersey.   Prediction: Despite a property tax revolt in New Jersey, Corzine wins in a scandal riddled election with more complaints of ACORN fraud.

New York 23: Polling data over the weekend indicated that Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman had opened up a 9-11 point lead over Democrat Bill Owens, however the timing of some of these polls, their mechanism and data haven't been released making them suspect in my view.  Prediction: Doug Hoffman in a squeaker.

One might think that if these predictions are true, that this isn't necessarily a referendum on Barak Hussein Obama.  Au Contraire, it most certainly is.  It's also a referendum on the state of the Republican Party in the United States.

Here's why: There are two Conservatives and one "Moderate Republican" in these three races.  The Conservatives are in Virginia and NY-23.  The "Moderate Republican" is in New Jersey.  Conservatives win their races, my prediction is the moderate does not.

Both Obama and the Republican Party best take note of these results.

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