Thursday, November 5, 2009

It’s All About Obama

Narcissist President Gives “Shout Out” Before Addressing Fort Hood Tragedy

The White House called a news conference this afternoon for Obama to address the tragedy in Fort Hood, Texas today in which 12 of our best and brightest Military were brutally murdered and another 31 injured by a radical islamic extremist. 

The premise of the news conference was for Obama to extend hiimages condolences to the families of those killed and injured at the hands of Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan, a muslim in the United States Military who was about to be deployed to Iraq.


Just when you think Obama couldn’t be any more disconnected from reality, ever the narcissist, Obama opens the news conference by lightheartedly thanking the Department of the Interior for a Conference that he attended.  Giving a “shout out” to a Congressional Medal of Honor winner during time of tragedy in this country is about as class-less as one can possibly be.

It took Obama more than 2:30 seconds to actually begin talking about the shooting at Fort Hood.

Obama’s insincere comments about today’s murders of our Military just left me speechless, especially when one considers the fact that Obama has denied additional troops to Afghanistan at his own General’s requests since July of this year.

Obama doesn’t care about the Military, he cares about himself and “looking good” in public.  His display today joking before talking about the tragedy just goes to show once again what a complete buffoon he is.

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