Sunday, November 15, 2009

World Laughs At Obama – Again

Seen As “Subservient” To Japanese Emperor Akihito

It seems the buffoon in chief has done it again, bowing to another world leader, on foreign soil, feigning subservience to “royalty” of another culture, this time in Japan.   The absolute incompetence of Obama has become a national embarrassment – again.

A picture speaks a thousand words, here we have a number of pictures all of which speak immensely towards the current occupier of the White House’s complete ignorance of how an American President, the most powerful man on the planet, is to greet world leaders.


Maybe Obama is doing what all fake intellectuals do; they know a tiny bit about a culture but think they know it all and use it improperly.   Or maybe the problem is actually worse and Obama thinks he’s showing us all how smart he is (sic) for knowing another custom but is really showing his complete ignorance.

I believe it’s the latter.

The problem with Obama’s bow to Japanese Emperor Akihito is that it’s completely disrespectful and Obama the incompetent doesn’t even know it.

To understand why its so disrespectful, we have to start with the basic understanding that world leaders do not bow to each other. It has been protocol since the founding of this country that the American President does not bow to other world leaders.

Now look at it from a Japanese perspective.  A breach in protocol in Japanese culture is seen as an embarrassment towards the person whom protocol was breached. 

Finally the “bow” itself.  Much like the case with the Saudi King, Obama is seen in Japanese culture as being subservient to Japanese Emperor Akihito.  In the case of the Saudi’s, such a deep bow without making eye contact is a sign of weakness.

But for the Japanese, breaking eye contact during a greeting or departure (and most especially, bowing) is seen as an insult as I learned during six weeks of working on Tokyo in the early 90’s. 

At first glance Obama’s bow may seem harmless enough, however the implications of it are quite complicated.  The Japanese spend years learning how to bow correctly and to whom.  The depth of a bow, the number of seconds to hold the bow, as well as to whom one is bowing are incredibly important to understand in Japanese culture and diplomatic protocol (which is why an American President doesn’t bow in the first place.  An improper bow is seen as an insult.)

One can only imagine how embarrassed Emperor Akihito was not just for himself, but for Obama who clearly did not understand the implications of what he had done, just as the case with the Saudi King.

Once again we have an ignorant buffoon in the White House who thinks he’s showing us all how smart he is for thinking he knows another custom, but what we really have in the White House is an intellectual fool who was elected by other fools who also thought they knew what they were doing.

Is it any wonder why we won’t see this horrific blunder in the American media? 

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