Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Planet Is Obama From?

Says Economy “Better Than When He Took Office”

When Barack Obama took over the White House, the unemployment rate was just over 7.5%.  Today, in many states the unemployment rate is over 10%, exceeding 12% – 14% in some urban areas such as Detroit, Chicago and elsewhere.

Since January 2009, an average of 550,000 jobs have been lost since the Obama Administration seized power.  That’s 5,500,000 jobs lost since Obama took office.

Yet, the economy is better today than it was when he took office?  Only a liberal, socialist democrat can claim job losses and higher unemployment equals a better economy!

Source: US Department of Labor Statistics

But you know, the sad thing is there are still plenty of stupid people left who voted for and support this moron of a President of ours.

Is it 2010 yet?  Time to do what Jesse Jackson suggested during the summer of 2008 during the campaign and “cut Obama’s balls off” which to me means taking back the House and Senate, and getting rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid!

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