Saturday, October 3, 2009

Random Thoughts for Saturday …

Now that Chicago has thankfully lost it’s Olympic bid and the taxpayers of Chicago and Illinois (of which this writer is a resident) have been spared the local and state governments reaching into our pockets for billions of dollars of cost overruns via union contracts to build Olympic facilities, it’s a good time to sit back and watch the blame game begin.

My first thought after Chicago lost in the first round was “When will the cries of RACISM! begin?”  It didn’t take but 30 minutes for the “good Reverend Jesse Jackson” to question the “politics” of the Olympic Committee with Jackson stopping just short of calling the site selection committee a bunch of racists.

Then I thought “how many lies did the Obama’s both tell trying to sway the site selection committee to choose Chicago?”  I knew there was something wrong with Michelle Obama’s statement in which she said Some of my best memories are sitting on my dad’s lap, cheering on Olga and Nadia, Carl Lewis, and others for their brilliance and perfection.”

Oops, problem: Michelle Obama was 20 years old when Carl Lewis first competed in the Olympics in 1984 as Michelle Malkin pointed out on her blog yesterday. 

Then there was Barack Hussein Obama’s apology tour which continued in the wee hours of yesterday morning in front of the Olympic Committee in which he turned the Olympics being in Chicago all about him as he referenced his own election as a moment when “people from around the world gathered in Chicago to see the results of last November and to celebrate our diversity as a source of our strength. 

There is nothing I would like more than to step just a few blocks from my family's home and with Michelle and our two girls welcome the world back to our neighborhood.  There is nothing more I would like more than to step just a few blocks from my family’s home and with Michelle and our two girls welcome the world back to our neighborhood."

There is no doubt in my mind that the Olympic Committee saw the smarmy arrogance of Obama and decided then and there to reject Obama (and therefore Chicago) altogether but it gets worse.

After Obama’s speech, the U.S. delegation took questions from Olympic Committee members and at one point Obama jumped in to answer a question.  He stated that he “envisioned that the Chicago games would allow the United States to restore its image as a place that at its best, is open to the world.” 

Yet another apology by Obama for what he views as an evil America, and blaming George W. Bush for Obama’s own failures in office thus far,  rather than standing up for all that is good about this great country.

No doubt that the Olympic Committee was reminded by Obama’s apology of the recent crime wave in Chicago in which two young school children were brutally beaten and murdered in the past two weeks.  As we heard from contacts in Denmark and the rest of Europe, those clips were played repeatedly in the European news media.

No doubt also that the Olympic Committee is well aware of the shenanigans  surrounding the locations of the proposed Olympic sites in Chicago in which much of the land is owned by friends of Mayor Daley through a bunch of Tony Rezko like back room deals, which also no doubt reminded them of the political corruption surrounding Chicago, Illinois and Illinois politicians – including Obama.  Chicago’s political corruption is legendary, the stuff jokes are made of.  “Even the dead vote in Chicago.”

The backlash against Obama is growing by the day.  The more the country and the world hears about Chicago style politics, the more it hurts Obama to be identified with Chicago and in fact Illinois and all the political corruption here.  We remind you that five of this states last six governors have either served time in jail, are in jail, or soon will be in jail (once Blagojevich is convicted next year.)

As a resident of Illinois, I couldn’t be happier that Chicago lost in the first round.  Not only is it a strong rebuttal of Obama, it’s a rebuttal of Chicago’s mayor Daley, Illinois’ corrupt politicians, and a blessing to the taxpayers of this once great state that our taxes won’t be raised higher still to pay for the cost overruns driven by politically connected union labor to build the Olympic sites.

Thank you Olympic Committee for saving us, the taxpayers of Illinois from financial ruin and becoming like Detroit.

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