Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama's Justice Department Has A "Blogging Team?"

Are we being watched by big brother in cyberspace? Yes we are, according to two other blogs, The Muffled Oar which broke the story that the Washington Post reported just today.

The Dept. of Justice has hired a team of left-wing bloggers to "influence the blogsphere and online media" by posting positive comments about the Community Organizer in Chief whenever they find "negative" (or should we say "fishy") tories about Obama. 

Who are these professional left-wing bloggers?  One is none other than Tracy Russo, the former campaign blogger for John Edwards, the DNC and finally the Obama Campaign before taking an "official" position with the Department of Justice under Eric Holder.

This is a government run propaganda machine, attempting to propagandize the blogosphere on behalf of the Obama Administration, of this there can be no doubt.    Using left-wing bloggers allows the Obama administration to preserve the left leaning blog community as an activist base to support Obama policies. Engagement with the centrist media and right wing online community allows government officials to rebut stories they disagree with directly. Who is paying for this government-wide effort?: You and I are, and the Obama Adminsitration is about to make a serious attempt to fully infiltrate anti-Obama blogs and social networks.  Here's the most important part of the Washington Post story:

White House New Media Director Macon Phillips has coordinated the hiring of online and social media experts like Roberts to redesign or launch Web 2.0 offerings across the government and update and maintain the pages for their respective agencies. Phillips' office also keeps a list of potential candidates to hire once other agencies are ready to make the jump, according to an applicant familiar with the process.
So once again we have the lamestream media in this country failing to do their jobs.  Any news organization worth their salt would be issuing Freedom Of Information Act requests for all communications between these left wing (government hired) bloggers and all Federal Agencies they spoke to.  Additionally, they would obtain the names, salaries and staffing numbers of any so called "blogging team" for the Justice Department. 

By the way, whoever the "Czar" is over the "blogosphere" should also be FIRED summarily with extreme prejudice.

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