Friday, October 30, 2009

Gunshots Hit U.S. Congressmans Office Windows

(D. Oregon) Peter DeFazio’s Offices are in a Federal Courthouse

Associated Press (Via NY Times)

Friday, October 30th, 2009

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) -- Three shots fired at a federal courthouse in Oregon late Wednesday or early Thursday hit windows in U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio's office, while a fourth shot hit a wall above the office, the FBI said.

No one was in the second-floor office at the time, and the Democratic congressman's staffers in Eugene found the damage when they arrived for work Thursday morning.

Investigators believe the shots were fired between 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday, FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele said, adding they're not certain that DeFazio's office was the intended target.

''Right now, our biggest concern is determining why this happened,'' Steele said, adding the FBI doesn't know whether the shooter or shooters were trying to hurt anyone. ''We're obviously taking this very seriously.''

DeFazio spokeswoman Molly Simmons confirmed the congressman was in Washington, D.C., at the time.

Editors Note: No idea why shots would be fired at a Liberal Democrat Congressman’s office, who consistently votes to take away the rights of American’s via “health care reform”, “cap and trade”  and the takeovers of the automobile and banking industry.  Nope, no clues there as to why someone would be shooting at a Congressman’s office.  Nah, American’s across the country aren’t mad as hell at this Congress and “President” that some lunatic would pick up a gun and shoot at the windows of a Congressman who’s directly threatening their livelihood and rights by passing all these new taxes and government takeovers of their daily lives. 

In related news …..

Democrat Plan To Kill Private Insurance Alive & Well ….

Just when the Tea Parties ended and America thought the “public option” and government run health care seemed to be dead, along comes a 1,990 page monstrosity called “Health Care Reform” which includes all the things the Democrats said it wouldn’t.  Public Option.  Death Panels.  Taxpayer funded abortions.  $500,000,000 in cuts to Medicare, and more.

The Democrats plan has always been to kill private health insurance and control the American public via the health care delivery system.  Just look at the ‘great job’ the Federal Government is doing in delivering H1N1 flu shots.  The Obama Administration said in August that more than 120,000,000 flu shots would be available by this time. 

To date, less than 10,000,000 have been delivered.  With each passing day and new government initiative (think: Cash for Clunkers) the Federal Government demonstrates how it mismanages our hard earned taxpayer dollars, then simply turns around and demands more to “fix the problem.”  Now the Federal Government says that flu shots will be available by “mid November” about the time the virus will reach its peak, and that’s too late.

Yet, there are still those in this country who advocate for a Government run health care program.  Are these people completely stupid?  (Rhetorical question.)

It has always been Obama’s and the Democrats plan to seize control of health care.  They’ve wanted control since 1939 to complete FDR’s “great mission.”  Obama and the Democrats can deny all they want that their intent isn’t to take over health care, the proof is in the pudding, and here it is.


Pelosi Denies Public Access To “Health Care Reform Announcement”

Credit: Breitbart TV

Let’s get this straight from the get-go:

First, the American Public has every God Given Right to be on public property when a monstrosity called “health care reform” is being announced by the very people who SERVE US.

Second, these MORONS in Congress think we exist to serve THEM.  They have it backwards.  No wonder people are getting upset and shooting out windows (see story above.)

Third, this monstrosity of “health care reform” is over 1,990 pages in length and cost us, the U.S. Taxpayer almost $2 million dollars per word to produce.  (Again, see story #1 above as to why people are so angry at this congress!)

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are conspiring to turn each and every one of us into their own personal tax slaves, subjugating us to the will of the Federal Government.  Thankfully people are beginning to wake up, which is demonstrated in both their personal approval ratings, well below 30% in every major poll.  Congress’ ratings aren’t so great either, less than 25% approve, more than 60% disapprove of this Congress.

Is the revolution finally beginning? (For clues, see story #1)  The FBI however seems to be clueless. 


Think We’re Finally Pulling Out of Recession?

Think Again!  3.3% GDP Growth in Q3 Was An Aberration

The Federal Government reported yesterday that the economy actually grew in the third quarter of this year at 3.3%, thus ending the recession.

Ahhh, but wait.  What grew and where?  The clues are as obvious as the nose on your face: Automobiles and Housing.

Now why did Automobiles and Housing grow?

Cash for Clunkers, which the government thinks was a wild success actually cost the American Taxpayer about $24,000 per car, not the $4,500 the Federal Government said,  according to Edmunds.Com’s CEO Jeremy Anwell.

For this revelation, the Obama White House decides to pick a fight with the best, most used car site on the Internet.  Once again, Obama tries to destroy those that disagree with him, or prove him and his policies wrong.

On the housing front, there’s been a major influx of new buyers in the market once again in large part “thanks” to a government program that gives $8,000 of taxpayer money  to “first time homebuyers.”

Now the problem: Who were many of these first time homebuyers?  Few of them were actually “first timers”, many of them were people purchasing second or third homes – in their children’s names, in their Trust’s names, in their Estate’s names and in some cases – in their PETS NAMES!  Here we have another Government program fraught with fraud with no checks and balances to make sure the program is actually working the way it’s intended.

Yesterday Obama trumpted “the recession is over!” citing GDP growth in the third quarter of this year.  The problem is, the “growth” came at huge expense to the American Taxpayers and is not sustainable absent true economic growth driven by consumer and business spending – not Government spending!

That won’t happen until the Obama Administration turns off the money presses and stops deflating the value of the American dollar.  Everyone but Obama sees the hyper-inflation on the horizon which is why people are hoarding dollars.  The savings rate in this country has hit a historically high 8% which is more than any European country.

The reason the savings rate is so high is driven by the Obama money presses and the fact that the American People remember the hyper-inflation of the 70’s under Jimmy Carter. 

The economy isn’t getting better, it’s about to get a whole lot worse under this, the Worst President in the History of the Country. 

Unemployment & Underemployment Near 18%

Once again, proof the economy isn’t getting better.  The Bureau of Labor & Statistics now shows the actual unemployment and under-employment rate near 18% across much of the country, HIGHER in some places such as Detroit, much of Michigan, parts of Ohio, Indiana and California.


This despite a “drop” in the number of “new claims” for unemployment which is nothing more than a statistical aberration driven by the number of people falling off the unemployment roles because they’ve exhausted their benefits.

Don’t look for the Obama Administration or the Democrats to extend benefits anytime soon, they need to drive the unemployment rate down by any means necessary to make the economy look better than it actually is.

Think anyone in the “mainstream” media is going to catch onto that fact?  Don’t hold your breath.

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