Thursday, October 15, 2009

Home Foreclosures Up 15% over 2008

More evidence of the economy having “improved” since Obama took office?  Hardly.

Obama said yesterday that the economy has improved since he took office in January of this year.  Yesterday we posted that the unemployment rate is nearly 3% higher on a national average since he took office, and in some states more than 5% – 7% higher than when Obama seized the White House. 

We also posted yesterday that according to the Department of Labor, an additional 5,500,000 (an average of 550,000 a month) have lost their jobs since Obama seized the White House in January of this year.4rde04[7]

Today, we hear that home foreclosures went up an additional 5% in the Summer to Fall quarter of 2009, for a grand total of 15% over 2008’s record foreclosure rate, the last year of the Bush Administration.

Only in a liberal democrat panty waste land does rising unemployment, more unemployed, and more homeless mean a “better” economy.

Now the question is: Better for WHO?  If you’re Barack Hussein Obama and you’ve already seized control of Wall Street, the Banking System, the Automobile Industry and are now seeking to gain control of the National Health Care system, the news couldn’t better for you!

Unfortunately for the rest of us who live in the real world outside the Washington D.C. bubble, we’re witnessing an abysmal failure of this Presidency at record speed, faster than the demonstrably failed Jimmy Carter Administration.

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