Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scozzafava Drops Out of NY 23

With her support fading by the hour, the Republican establishment candidate Dede Scozzafava (pro abortion, pro union, pro gay marriage, ACORN endorsed) dropped out of the special election in NY 23, leaving the race to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, and liberal Democrat Bill Owens.

Hoffman was endorsed by Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson and other Conservative Republican stalwarts.  Scozzafava was endorsed by Newt Gingrich, who backed the Republican Party machine.


With Hoffman pulling away Scozzafava’s support in the remaining days of the campaign and Scozzafava’s support dropping by the hour, the race is now set to be a referendum on more big government spending and sending Owens to Congress, or the country learning to live within its means via Hoffman.

As of this morning, Owens and Hoffman were in a statistical dead heat at 35% with Scozzafava polling at 20 after having led the race as recently as 3 weeks ago.

Ken Spain, the campaign spokesman for the NRCC said Scozzafava will now ‘release her supporters’ to vote for Hoffman this Tuesday.

Voters in NY-23 now have a clear choice on Tuesday: they can elect to continue big government spending under Barack Obama, or they can opt to return the country to some semblance of fiscal responsibility and vote for Doug Hoffman.

We wait with baited breath for the results Tuesday night.

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