Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Message To The Olympic Committee: Just Say NO! To Obama

Update: Friday Evening, October 1st:

On behalf of the Citizens of Chicago and the State of Illinois that DID NOT WANT the Olympics to come here, we say THANK YOU OLYMPIC COMMITTEE!! for giving the Olympics to Rio!  We did not want our taxpayer dollars going into the corrupt pockets of Chicago's Mayor Daley or the corrupt Unions that run the city! 

Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!

Perhaps now Obama can get back to the REAL sacrifice that’s going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and listen to General McChrystal’s pleas for additional troops in Afghanistan to turn back the Taliban surge…..


Contrary to what’s being reported around the country, there is no “overwhelming support” in Chicago or Illinois for that matter to host the Olympics.  47% of Chicago residents support having the Olympics, 47% oppose it.
For the Olympic Committee’s benefit, here are some key reasons to NOT have the Olympics in Chicago:

1. Chicago is broke.  The budget deficit for the city stands at nearly a half billion dollars.  Mayor Daley of Chicago has put the taxpayers of the city “on the hook” to pay for any budget shortfalls as a result of hosting the olympics.  Before he was thrown out of office, former Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich wanted to put all the taxpayers of Illinois on the hook to pay for the Olympics in Chicago.

2. Chicago is the murder capital of the country.  Even with the strictest anti-gun laws in America, an average of 10 murders are committed a weekend in the city.  It is not a safe place to live.

3. Mass Transit in Chicago is a joke.  The “El” in Chicago suffers frequent breakdowns stranding thousands of passengers.  It’s dirty, filthy, noisy and the system is undersized, understaffed, underfunded and frankly is a cesspool on rails.  Metra Rail, the commuter system that brings thousands of people into the city to work daily will be depended on to bring two-thirds of Olympics attendees into the city daily.  Metra by its own admission doesn’t have the capacity to scale to handle Olympic crowds and has also be under-funded for years.  The Metra train that this writer rides daily suffers from frequent delays due to equipment failures.

4. The political corruption in Chicago and Illinois will simply bleed the money intended to fund the Olympics and building projects required to host them here into the politicians and their favored constituents pockets.  Considering the political corruption here in Illinois, do you really trust Major Daley and the Governor of Illinois to complete the building projects required to host the games on time, within budget without hammering the taxpayers of Chicago, Illinois or the country?  Face it, when Daley runs out of Illinois Taxpayers money, he’s going to call his good friend Obama and rape the taxpayers of the United States who’ve already been hammered by bailout after bailout. 

5. Finally, unlike the lies that Obama told the Olympic Committee overnight during the final pitch, Chicago is not a “united” city by any stretch of the imagination.  Had you the olympic committee toured Chicago’s North, West and South sides you’d have seen the housing and economic disparities of these area’s.

In closing, we’d like the Olympic Committee to say “NO!” to Obama and host the Olympic Games elsewhere.  Obama is used to hearing the word “NO!”   Just ask Iran, North Korea, the EU, the World Trade Commission and more than 2,000,000 American’s who protested Obama’s socialist policies on September 12th.

Just say NO! to the Olympics in Chicago.

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