Sunday, October 11, 2009

ACORN Has NOT Been De-Funded By Congress!

In the wake of the ACORN Pimp-Prostitution scandals last month, I wrote that Congress’ vote to de-fund ACORN was a joke, mostly because ACORN has some 300+ shell organizations, each of which gets their own funding from the Federal Government.

As Congress voted to de-fund ACORN, they did absolutely nothing about all the shell organizations under ACORN.  Since I wrote that blog entry, time has born my statement to be true.

But now comes word that Congress pulled a complete “CYA” (Cover Your Arse) move when they “de-funded” acorn.  Michelle Bachmann recently spoke out on KTLK in Minnesota and blew the lid off that Congress’ moratorium on funding ACORN expires on … Halloween.

Do we need more proof that it’s time to drain the swamp?  Both Democrats AND Republicans voted to ‘de-fund’ ACORN temporarily, until American’s took their eyes off them, only to re-instate funding beginning November 1st.

If we the American Electorate are dumb enough to return any House or Senate member (save for Michelle Bachman) to Congress in the 2010 elections, we truly will get the government we deserve.


Is Barack Obama Really Jesus Christ?

As we’ve seen the past few weeks, the Government-run media and public schools have gone out of their way to promote Obama as a Christ-like figure.

So what’s behind the liberal left agenda in promoting Obama as “the messiah?”  Andrew Klavan has that answer.

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Scenes From Detroit “Stimulus” Giveaway

Earlier this week, a promise of “federal cash assistance” (read that: free money) brought some 60,000 residents of Detroit flocking to Cobo Hall creating sheer pandemonium.

These pictures speak volumes about the desperation in arguably this country’s poorest city – Detroit where one in three people live in complete poverty, and nearly 30% are unemployed.


150 police were called to the scene after rumors that “free cash” was being given out.


The line stretched for blocks causing the crowd to press forward to get to the building before the “free cash” ran out.  Six people were taken to the hospital for injuries incurred as a result of the pandemonium that occurred.


Once inside, applications were given out to “apply for assistance.”  Only 5,000 applications were available and only 3,400 people would actually receive some form of assistance from the Federal Government. 


By the second day, more than 60,000 Detroit residents applied for federal assistance.  Those who applied were never told that aid would be available to those making less than $35,000 per year, and only for about 3,400 families.

This is Obama’s America.  Where you and I are desperate and dependent on the Federal Government for our daily sustenance. 

The same Obama Administration that couldn’t run “cash for clunkers” or this “federal aid giveaway” properly wants to control our healthcare.  Imagine, waiting in a mob like setting such as the above to see a doctor.

Yep, Obama’s America alright.

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