Monday, June 22, 2009

This Revolution Sponsored By Web 2.0

The Revolution will not be broadcast on TV.

This revolution will be brought to you by Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube.

All Correspondents

Our Twitter Proxy Server has been up for two days now, and has relayed thousands of anonymous messages out of Iran.  The Iranian Government is working feverishly to block access to Twitter Proxy Servers to prevent communication from getting out of the country, however for each Twitter Proxy that they block, at least two more have been sprouting up to take their place.

There seems to be no slowing down in Protests.  Neda’s death seems to have galvanized the Iranian people, and hackers world-wide in defeating the Iranian Government’s attempts to censor the web.

If you’re interested in joining the hacking community and assisting in keeping communications flowing out of Iran, please visit NedaNet

For those who want to setup a Windows based Twitter Proxy Server to help the Iranian People, please contact me at “FreeIran” at my ISP

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