Friday, June 19, 2009

It’s 1993 All Over Again …..

Obama Making Same Mistake Hillary Clinton Did

In trying to seize fully 17% of the US Economy in the name of “Health Care Reform”  Barack Hussein Obama is setting up Congressional Republican’s for sweeping victories in the 2010 mid-term elections.

In early 1993, there was a sense of a health care crisis in the country.  Fully 55% of American’s at that time believed that our health care system needed to be “completely rebuilt.”   63% said that paying for the cost of health care and major illness was a major problem.

At that time, health care costs were a problem for any American with a major illness.  Health Care Insurance Company’s were seemingly raising insurance rates at an alarming pace, and many American’s struggled to keep their insurance as the costs rose.  Those ‘living on the edge’ or paycheck to paycheck often declared bankruptcy after major illnesses because the expenses that their health insurance coverage didn’t pay were staggering.

Fast forward to today.  A new Pew Research poll shows that  48% consider health care costs a “major problem.”  That’s a 15 percentage point drop compared to 1993.

Very few in this country believe that the Government spends “too little” on health care.  In fact most believe the Government spends entirely too much and that the system is fraught with bureaucratic waste and fraud.  A recent CBO (Congressional Budget Office) shows that more than $60 billion dollars in fraud alone exists in the system.

It’s hard to make the case to spend more on health care and raise the country’s taxes to pay for it when such abuse and fraud exist.  Nearly 40% of American’s would agree, saying we spend too much on health care.

In 2006, most of the country, 57% believed we spent too little on health care.  Today, less than 40% believe we spend too little.

Armed with these facts a simple question comes to mind: Does this mean the stage is being set for a repeat of the 1994 Republican Revolution?

I believe it does.  in 1993 55% of American’s believed that the Health Care system in this country needed a complete overhaul versus today less than 40% believe such.

The reality is that a clear majority of American’s are satisfied with the health care they receive and they do NOT want their taxes raised to pay for someone else.  Surely the banking, automobile and Wall Street bailouts along with $1.7 trillion dollars in wasteful “economic recovery” spending has ended taxpaying American’s appetites for more “government help.”

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