Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OBama’s “Jimmy Carter” Moment

As we witness the events in Iran unfold over the last few days, we here in America can only hope and pray that Freedom and Democracy win the day.

It’s obvious to anyone with a right-thinking brain that the elections in Iran have been rigged.  How so you may ask?  Past elections took minimum 3-5 days to count and certify the results. Previously, the Mullah’s in Iran didn’t speak out on the results of the election, especially “within hours” of the election ending and before the votes were counted before declaring a winner.

Yet, that’s precisely what happened.  Votes were counted “immediately” and Khomeni declared Ahmadinejad the winner within hours of the polls closing in Iran.

Add to this, the “fact” that Ahmadinejad carried every province and town with literal landslide results, which is virtually impossible based on his past performance and incredible un-popularity in Iran’s urban centers such as Tehran itself.

Living here in the People’s Socialist Republic (and home state of Barack Hussein Obama) Illinois, I know a rigged election when I see one, and boy this was one rigged election.

At this moment in time, the Iranian people recognize that their election was stolen.  They voted for freedom and democracy and against a tyrannical international thug in Ahmadinejad who’s jeopardizing the security of Iran by pursuing an illegal nuclear program.  They’ve taken to the streets, and they want their election results to count.

What they need from the United States right at this moment is a clear statement of support from the United States of America that we do in fact, support freedom and democracy around the world – including Iran.

Instead, what the People of Iran heard was the Barack Hussein Obama, arguably their Muslim brother, state that his administration did not want to meddle in Iranian internal affairs.

This was a dangerous message to send to the Mullah’s in Iran and to Ahmadinejad himself, as Obama’s words all but cemented Ahmadinejad’s victory and signaled that the United States did not have an effective policy in dealing with Iran.

Welcome to the Jimmy Carter part Deux administration.  Never before in the history of this country has our Foreign Policy committed such a grave error – for a second time – with the same country.

For those in the Republican Party who have opined lately that we need to “forget” or “move past” Ronald Reagan I can only say the following:

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall.

And that my friends, is the greatness and clarity of Reagan’s vision for the world that U.S. Foreign Policy needs to return to.  Everyone in the world deserves freedom and democracy.

Including Iran.

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