Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama Flip Flops Again, Now Says Iran “Has A Right” To Go Nuclear

With Foreign Policy Like This, We’ll All Be Dead By 2012

During an interview on the BBC today, Barack Hussein Obama stated that Iran has a “right” to pursue a nuclear program.

This is the same Barack Hussein Obama that said during the 2008 campaign that Iran “must be stopped from obtaining nuclear status.”

Obama’s remarks were then repeated on Iranian state television as an admission that Obama recognized the “rights of the Iranian nation” – a phrase typically used in Iran to justify their nuclear program.

In stating Iran “has a right” to pursue a nuclear program, Obama didn’t just demonstrate a lack of knowing how Iranian television would use that statement – he sank right to Jimmy Carter level stupidity in not knowing how to deal with a fundamentalist Islamist nation like Iran.

This is the same Iran who’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has  repeatedly stated that once Iran achieves nuclear status that Israel “would be wiped off the map.”

Had the American people known in 2008 during the campaign that Obama would allow Iran to go nuclear, would they have voted for him? 

Likely not.

Obama leaves tonight on a trip to Egypt and Saudi Arabia with the purpose of “reaching out” to the worlds 1.5 billion muslims, and a much anticipated speech in Cairo on Thursday calling for “understanding” between the muslim and Western world. image

Let’s be clear, after today’s blunder that “Iran has a right to a Nuclear program” I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama surrendered America to Iran at some point on Thursday.

The Islamic world views Obama’s attempts at “negotiation” as capitulation, as Obama is clearly unable to speak from a position of strength and articulate American values and the principles of Democracy. 

This is not the “hope and change” that America needs.

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