Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama On Wrong Side Of History (Again!)

His mis-steps and mis-cues are the gift that just keeps on giving to the blogosphere and today was no exception.  Where do we start?

Let’s start with Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court.  Today the very court that Obama nominated Sotomayor to serve on overturned her ruling in the  Ricci v. New Haven, CT  in which the white firefighters who passed a promotion exam were denied their promotions by the city of New Haven, CT because the city feared a lawsuit by the black firefighters who didn’t pass.  against the white firefighers that passed promotion exams was overturned today by the United States Supreme Court.

"Fear of litigation alone cannot justify an employer's reliance on race to the detriment of individuals who passed the examinations and qualified for promotions," wrote Justice Anthony M. Kennedy who is typically the swing vote in most close rulings.  

While the lamestream media is deceiving the public claiming the court was divided along ideological lines, a reading of the ruling shows that all nine US Supreme Court Judges agreed that Sotomayor used “empathy over the law” in her ruling of Ricci v. New Haven, CT. 

9-0, that’s a stinging rebuke, and it’s not along ideological lines either.

What does this mean for Sotomayor’s nomination to the US Supreme Court?  The case against her was made much stronger today.  As with any other nominee that would’ve made such an egregious mistake (and this isn’t Sotomayor’s first ruling to be overturned by the Supreme Court) it should disqualify her.  Here’s to hoping the Republican’s find the backbone to fillibuster Sotomayor’s disastrous nomination and stop her from being appointed to the most powerful court in the land while the Democrats jump over the cliff to support her.

Anytime one finds themselves agreeing with Hugo Chavez, they’d best check the premise of their agreement.  Therein lies the illogic of the Obama Administration in refusing to “meddle” in one country’s affairs, while directly meddling in another’s.  The illogic here is stunning. 

First Obama doesn’t want to ‘interfere’ in an election allegedly based on Democratic principles in Iran. Clearly the Iranian election was stolen by the Mullah’s and Ahmadinejad.  The entire world recognizes this – except for Obama, who prior to the election sent a love note to Ahmadinejad stating that he looked forward to working with him in the future.  Talk about opening the door for Ahmadinejad and the Mullah’s to steal an election and continued repression of the Iranian people, who voted for reform.

Fast forward to this past weekend where Obama backed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and his attempt to force a referendum to change the Honduran Constitution eliminating term limits and allowing him to become “President for Life” just like his friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  In this case, Honduras’ Supreme Court ordered Zelaya to stop the referendum.  Zelaya ordered the Honduran army to distribute the referendum ballots and have the election anyway.  Honduran Army Chief Romeo Vasquez Velasquez refused, prompting Zelays to remove him from office. 

Velasquez’s removal was declared illegal by the Honduran Courts, upholding the country’s Constitution on June 27th.  As a result of Zelay’s brazen disregard for the Honduran Constitution, the Honduran Military arrested Zelaya in the middle of the night and forced him out of the country placing him on a plane (in his pajama’s) to Costa Rica.

This action has caused Obama to “lash out” at Honduras, demanding that Zelaya (a Socialist Dictator wanna-be like Hugo Chavez) be restored to power.  Hillary Clinton followed suit immediately after.  Both were lauded by Hugo Chavez for demanding Zelaya be returned to power.  Nevermind the fact that the Honduran Congress late Sunday evening voted Zelaya out of office (effectively impeaching and removing him) for violating Honduras’ Constitution.

Anyone else see something wrong here?  During the Presidential Campaign, Obama made a big deal out of criticizing world leaders who were elected democratically, but don’t govern that way.   Obama had a chance to show that it mattered in Honduras, and he blew it – big time.

Obama won’t stand up for free and fair elections in Iran, but goes out of his way to ‘demand’ a socialist wanna-be dictator who sought to usurp the Constitution of Honduras to become el-Presidente for life be returned to power.  You just can’t make this stuff up!

Finally, while Obama wants to raise taxes on the entire country by thousands of dollars per household a year due to Cap & Tax, other countries have decided that tax cuts are the rule of the day to restore economic growth. 

[Angela Merkel]Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel today defended her plan to (get this..) CUT TAXES despite the country’s budget deficit.  “Lower income taxes would provide motivation and encourage economic growth” Merkel told a conference of her party.

Germany isn’t the only European Union country ready to cut taxes, Hungary and France will be following suit.

The lesson here? Even our socialist run allies seem to be recognizing that they can’t tax and spend their way out of this recession, too bad Obama doesn’t seem to be getting that message.

His mistakes, mis-cues and mis-steps would be comical if they weren’t causing so much damage to this country’s economy and foreign credibility.

Is it 2010 yet?  Time to take back the Congress!

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