Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama’s Message To Iran

In what we could only call “America’s Apology Tour” sponsored by the Barack Hussein Obama administration, the single worst message that BHO could’ve sent yesterday can be summarized by the following picture:


In acknowledging America’s interference in internal Iranian affairs in the mid 1950’s, followed by the statement that “Iran has the right to a nuclear program” Barack Hussein Obama gave legitimacy to Iran’s decades long hatred of America, the American Hostage Crisis in the 1970’s under then President, Jimmy Carter, and Iran’s no-holds barred pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Only an ostrich with its head firmly stuck in the sand can’t see that Iran’s nuclear program is far from peacful.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s President speaks almost daily of destroying Israel “by fire” and wiping it off the map. 

In yesterday’s Washington Post the Ayatollah Ali Khameni was also quoted as stating “muslim nations around the world hate America” and criticized the United States and her allies for stating that Iran seeks nuclear weapons, which he insists are forbidden under Iran’s “brand” of Islam.

Let’s be clear on this issue.  Iran’s fiery rhetoric at home for its own publicity and its actions within the world community (ie: not allowing inspections) contradict Iran’s world stance.  We only need to look at Iran’s August 2005 issuance of a “fatwa” against the International Atomic Energy Agency, prohibiting inspections.

There can be absolutely no doubt that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons technology.  Iran’s nuclear partnership with North Korea certainly should remove any doubt to any right-thinking, reasonably minded person.

But then, Obama and his cult-of-personality like followers aren’t reasonably minded.

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