Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Updates from Iran (CNN continues to ignore BIG story)

While the “big story” on CNN continues to be the HDTV transition, Tehran burns, protests happen, and maybe ….. just maybe the world begins to change.

Update 1:05 AM CST June 14th

US Military Commanders in the Middle East were sent messages reminding them to ‘maintain discipline’ if they encounter any Iranian military forces during the political unrest.  Thus far, this is the ONLY reaction to the civil unrest going on in Iran this morning.

The Obama Administration no doubt has the ‘deer in the headlights’ look this morning as the knee-pad wearing Obama supporting media awaits their marching orders on just how to report this story.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting AGAIN that Miss California lost her crown at this very moment….. The American media makes me want to vomit.

Update 1:00 AM CST

What are Fox, CNN, MSNBC reporting on?  Not what’s going on in Iran, that’s for damn’ sure….

Iranian Interior Ministry initially declared Moussavi the winner in the elections on Saturday morning, but asked him to wait until Sunday to hold celebrations.  Shortly afterwards, they ‘reversed’ themselves and declared Ahmadinejad the winner.  Yep, there’s a coup going on alright …..

Update 12:45 AM CST

Satellite TV is disrupted in downtown Tehran.  Iranian police destroying satellite dishes via door to door crackdown.  Many Iranian’s fearful of leaving their rooftops.

Update 12:35 AM CST June 14th

Washington Times is reporting that the Iranian Ministry of Interior is reporting that the real election results were 42 million votes for Mousavi and less than 6 million votes for Ahmadinejad.  If true, this is confirmation that the mullah’s in Iran stole the election for Ahmadinejad…… (breaking story)

Update 12:30 AM CST June 14th

Twitter posters from inside Iran

Update 12:25 AM CST June 14th

CNN headline: DTV Transition.  Meanwhile Iranian’s fight for their freedom. Any wonder CNN’s ratings SUCK HARD?

Update 12:20 AM CST June 14th

Iranian’s around the globe protest in front of Iranian embassy’s.  Students in London have gathered to protest in front of the Iranian Embassy.  Protests also gathering momentum in Hungary, Germany …. (developing)

Update 12:17 AM CST June 14th

Iran’s own election monitoring commission has declared the result of the election INVALID.  This is HUGE NEWS, when a corrupt regime’s own election monitoring commission declares an election as ‘invalid."’

Now what?  The coup of course …

Update 12:13 AM CST June 14th

Reports of tear gas being used in downtown Tehran to disburse protesters, other reports of Iranian Police attacking Iranian University girls dormitory … (developing)

Tehran reportedly being put under martial law.  Mousavi is in jail, Rafsanjani and Khatami being sought for arrest… as we asked earlier, is there a coup underway?  All the makings of one are in place…

(Meanwhile CNN reports on the 300,000 MORONS who couldn’t get their TV’s working yesterday … DIE CNN, DIE!!)

Update 12:03 AM CST June 14th

Protest Pictures (Updated Frequently) from inside Iran.  Some of these are only minutes old….

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