Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Obama Is Messing Up The World Today

There’s so much to write about today it was difficult to pick but one topic with which to flagellate the current occupant (presumably illegal) of the White House.

I can’t help but notice that literally every passing day the pace at which our world seems to be falling apart keeps accelerating, thanks in large part to the mis-steps, mis-cues and mis-statements of Barack Hussein Obama.  Here’s today’s list:

1. Venezuela threatens to invade Honduras.  Yep, that’s right.  Venezuela’s marxist-in-chief has threatened to invade his neighbor after what appears to be yet another soon-to-be stolen election.  Honduran President Manuel Zelaya (a Communist) wanted to pass a law in Honduras that would let him run for re-election again.  The Honduran Military ousted Zelaya from office in the middle of the night.  Once again, Obama misses the opportunity to speak out for Freedom and Democracy in ousting the Communist Zelaya from office and instead threatens Honduras to restore Zelaya.  When did you ever think an American President would threaten another country to restore a Communist leader?  To make matters worse, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is now threatening to invade Honduras unless Zelaya is restored to power. Obama sure screwed the pooch on this one today.

2. David Axelrod (Obama’s Chief Advisor) refuses to rule out middle class tax hikes.  You read that right … tax hikes!  After promising during the Presidential Campaign that 95% of American’s would see their taxes reduced, and that he wouldn’t raise taxes “one thin dime” it seems we’re witnessing another broken promise by “The One.”  Realizing that the Government cannot really give away “free healthcare” to the supposedly 45 million uninsured American’s, Obama’s now “open” to raising taxes on the middle class.  And here you Obama supporters were dumb enough to believe a screaming, bleeding heart LIBERAL that he wouldn’t raise your taxes.  If you really think this has anything to do with health care, think again.  This is part of Obama’s clandestine reparations program.  Add free health care to the $787 billion dollar running tab he’s piling onto the National Debt. 

3. Iran arrests local British Embassy Employees.  Here we go again, it’s 1979 all over again.  Obama’s silence is deafening.

4. Did Obama write “Dreams of my Father?”  An independent analysis of Obama’s book finds that Obama isn’t the author at all.  Comparison’s of Obama’s “Dreams” against several William Ayers written books shows that there are more than 750 similarities in writing styles between Obama and Ayers.  In comparing any two writers together, one may expect to find a handful of similarities assuming similar age, educational levels, social upbringing, etc..  but more than 750?  The comparison of “Dreams of my Father” and several William Ayers novels including include Ayers' 1993 To Teach, his 1997 A Kind and Just Parent (shorthand: Parent), his 2001 memoir Fugitive Days shows that both books used the same names to ascribed to childhood friends (“Coretta” for example) and the same mis-spellings of names (“Frantz” instead of “Franz”) along with numerous references to Chicago as the “hog capital of the world”make it undeniable that Ayers at minimum contributed heavily to the editing of the book, if he wasn’t in fact the ghost writer himself.  This sure lends credence to what I’ve been saying since before the election – that Ayers wasn’t just “some guy down the block” that Obama knew before he ran for President.  In fact, as I’ve stated repeatedly Ayers held Obama’s first fund-raiser when he ran for Senate, as both Obama and Ayers served on the same “school reform” group known as the Woods Fund and the Annenberg Challenge.  One of these days hopefully soon, this whole web of lies is going to unravel on Obama.  It can’t be too soon in my book.

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