Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Word To The Wise: Immigration Is A Distraction

Watch The Man Behind The Yellow Curtain, Rahm Emmanuel

Whenever the pol’s in Washington DC all “work so hard together” on a single issue such as Immigration, which they have NO INTENTION of passing this year, stop and ask yourself this question:

“What are those dirty, rat bastards doing behind the scenes that they don’t want us to see?”

In case you haven’t figured it out, Obama needs two things to pass his agenda: Enemies and Distractions.

Obama’s already labeled the Tea Party as “racists” and “demogogues” taking square aim at them yesterday during his speech at the University of Michigan, portraying his foes in the most negative light.

There’s Obama naming his enemies.

Ginning up his supporters last week while announcing “Vote 2010” Obama tried to rally his core supporters around the issue of Immigration and getting out the vote in 2010 appealing to blacks, hispanics and women.

Where were the angry white guys in this speech?  Nowhere to be found, that’s to be sure.  And yet, Obama’s comments here dominated the news for a solid 4-5 days, combined with this gem:

“If you make 4 times more than the minimum wage, I think you’ve made enough money!”

For those of you who don’t know, 4x the minimum wage is $66,560 per year.  Good luck living on that in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago since an average family of four would qualify for all EITC, Child Care, State Property Tax and other “credits” from the Federal Government which then would mean they’d pay not taxes at all!  Who’d be paying taxes to support the Government?  Why, the rich of course!

And there’s the distraction: Immigration, race baiting, class warfare all wrapped up into a nice little package.

So what’s Obama after?  No, it’s not Goldman Sach’s, although they’re the convenient whipping boy for the housing bubble and the market collapse of 2008 – 2009. 

Obama’s after Wall Street. Financial “Reform” cloaking another power grab by the Federal Government and the Obama Administration to seize another major section of our economy.

That’s what Obama’s after, and his formula for getting what he wants is clear as day, coming right from Hugo Chavez’s playbook: Declare an enemy, create a Distraction, Take what you want.

Once Obama takes what he wants and has control of Wall Street and people’s private investments, he’s got his hands on the rest of OUR money, and there’s no telling what this socialist bastard is going to do with it.

Remember in November how important it is to “Change” what’s happening in Washington D.C. with this Chavez wanna-be in the White House and neuter the bastard by overturning Congress.

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