Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Democrats Rushing Through Another Power Grab

Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499) Guarantees New Voters

While the immigration and cap and trade wars rage in Washington this week, quietly moving through the House of Representatives this week is yet another Democrat piece of stealth legislation aimed at making more Democrat dependent voters, cementing the Democrat’s death-grip on America.

The Puerto Rico Democracy Act (H.R. 2499) would force Puerto Rico to vote on U.S. statehood every 8 years, until statehood is accepted.

Not only is Puerto Rico already a fully-functioning democracy, but it has also repeatedly rejected attempts to turn it into a U.S. state, for decades.

But still, desperate to create new Democrat voters and elected officials, the left is now aggressively setting the stage for the creation of a 51st state.

Due to its dense population of poverty-stricken minorities, Puerto Rico can be counted on to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and all their handouts, and their representation will also consequently outnumber that of 25 other existing U.S. states.

Puerto Rican’s have an average income of less than half of America’s poorest state, and would become instantly eligible for all Welfare Programs, including newly passed ObamaCare.  Additionally, by Federal Law, billions of dollars would be perpetually dumped into the territory to bring its infrastructure, power and sewer systems up to US EPA standards.

Yet another Democrat power-play to cement their death grip on America at the expense of those of us who work, produce, and pay our taxes, and all this is going on behind the scenes while the media pays attention to Arizona.

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