Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tea Party Crasher Arrested in San Diego

This is what happens when you’re dumb enough to announce your intentions (ie: crashing the Tea Parties) and are dealt with in an intelligent manner.

Kudos to the San Diego Tea Party organizers for being alert for just this type of situation, and dealing with it accordingly.

There’s about a minute of “dead air” in the video, watch for the arrest of the protester in the last ten seconds or so.


Obama Mocks Tea Parties

Says We Should “Thank Him” For Lowering Taxes

Clearly Obama’s delusional in demanding American’s “thank him” for lowering taxes when clearly the opposite is true.

There are more than 25 new taxes totaling more than $650 billion dollars in the new “ObamaCare” that just passed, how are those “tax cuts?”

Perhaps we should thank Obama for actually raising Health Care premiums, as the OMB and independent analysis has finally concluded that “ObamaCare” does nothing to lower premiums and in fact raises them for those with insurance.

Perhaps we should thank Obama for taxing health care benefits, making them less affordable for middle-income and low-income American’s.

Or perhaps we should thank Obama for all the taxes he’s raised on this poor sap without his knowledge.

Gotta love the Obama-Bots.  They really don’t have a clue, and reality doesn’t seem to matter to them.

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