Saturday, April 17, 2010

One in Three American’s Fail To Return Census Forms

Census Bureau Mails Second Form To Non-Responsive Addresses

The New York Times reports this morning that 33% of all homes that received a census form have failed to complete and return the forms.

All the PSA’s in the world about “if you’re not counted, your community won’t get it’s fair share” aren’t going to change the fact that in increasing numbers, American’s are sick and tired of Government intrusion into their daily lives and refusal to comply with the Census process is but one way we’re expressing our dissatisfaction.

I received the first form and promptly threw it in the garbage.  Same with the second form I received last week.  If the bureaucrats that run our Government are too stupid to realize it’s none of their damn’ business about who lives in my house, for how long and what “race’ they are, and they’re dumb enough to send a “census worker” to my home you can probably guess where the census worker is going to end up (and it’s a small garbage can, btw.)

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