Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breaking News: “Top Kill” Has Failed

Obama “In Charge” Since Beginning, Failure Is All His

Now that we’re witnessing the worst ecological and economical tragedy in United States History, there’s only one thing left to say about the Thugocracy that is the Obama Administration.

This is exactly what happens when a bribe taking Chicago politician (Emanuel) is mated with a communist street agitator who knows nothing about anything other than, "pay to play" and "go along to get along." (Obama)

When all the drillling permits for this well were granrted, BP, the dirtiest, most reckless of the large oil companies, was on probation from a felony conviction based on recklessness that killed 15 people in the 2005 explosion of its Texas City, TX refinery and from a misdemeanor conviction based on an Alaskan oil spill.

BP got a “green wash” by contributing more to the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign than it contributed to any other Presidential campaign in history.

Then in July of 2009 there was a sudden miracle; it was deemed the world's most responsible corporate good citizen and Barack Obama directly give BP carte blanche to drill this well.

What we now have is more ecologic and economic damage to Louisiana than occurred during Hurricane Katrina.  It will take decades for the Gulf Coast to recover from this disaster, that Obama said just the other day he was “in charge of” and “not a single decision had been made without HIS Administration’s consent.” (See 1:25 – 1:40 in the White House video below.)



As Obama took more campaign cash from BP than any other Presidential candidate in history, and has been calling all the shots on the Deep Water Horizon fiasco including directly ordering BP being granted a permit to drill the well, Obama must be impeached for bribery!


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