Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama’s Redistributionist Policies Working

Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows as Government Payouts Rise

USA Today had an interesting article by Dennis Cauchon today that really got my blood boiling and I suspect it will yours too.

Paychecks from private business’ shrank to their smallest share of personal income in history.

At the same time, government provided “benefits” from Welfare to Social Security, unemployment, food stamps and other forms of government wealth re-distribution rose to record all time high’s.


Private wages (meaning: those of us who WORK and earn a PAYCHECK) fell to 41% of the Nation’s personal income, down from 44.6% in December of 2007 when the current recession began.

At the same time, Government “benefits” such as those described above grew.  Individuals got 17.9% of their income from government programs in the first quarter, up from 14.2% when the recession started. Programs for the elderly, the poor and the unemployed all grew at record levels.  During the same time, Government Employee pay grew 9.8% of personal income, far and above that of the private sector.

In short folks, the system is now upside down and this isn’t sustainable.  Too few people in the private sector are paying for too many people living on the government dole, and working for the Government.  The Federal government relies on private sector jobs and the wages it provides as a source of taxable income to pay for Government programs because private sector workers are taxed at higher rates on their income than those who receive Government “benefits.” 

This recession has cost more than 8,000,000 private sector jobs, while costing Government at all levels (Federal, State, County, City) less than 500,000 jobs nationwide.  Who’s bearing the brunt of the increased chasm between private sector workers and those living on the Government dole?  You can bet it’s not those living on the Government dole who keep demanding that you and I in the private sector pay them more to sit on their fat, lazy, government cheese eating asses all day while watching Oprah and Jerry Springer!

Yep, Obama’s wealth redistribution is sure working alright.  More people are consuming government “benefits” than are paying into the system.

We’ll be just like Greece in no time at all at this rate.

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