Saturday, May 29, 2010

Someone’s Lying

A Six Week Old Story Changes After Obama Meets with Clinton

Someone’s lying.  It may be the White House, Joe Sestak, or surprise! former President Bill Clinton who just so happens to have a history of lying in front of a Federal Grand Jury no less.

For months, dating back to February of 2009 Sestak, a three star Admiral in the U.S. Navy has said that a “high level Government official in the Obama Administration” offered him a job to withdraw from the Pennsylvania Democrat Primary for U.S. Senate. 

Since winning the primary, Sestak maintained his position that it was a “high level Government official in the Obama Administration” that offered him a job to withdraw from the Senate race, clearing the field for Specter.

Sestak’s statement has been clear and consistent, including appearances on “Meet The Press” and “This Week” just last Sunday.

Additionally, just this past Monday, White House Spokesman Robert “Uh, Uh, Uh ….” Gibbs refused to deny that the White House offered Sestak a job to quit the Pennsylvania Democrat Primaries.  This was a complete reversal of Gibb’s previous statements.

Now Sestak’s story has changed and magically it was none other than Bill Clinton who, on behalf of the Obama Administration and at the behest of Rahm Emanuel offered Sestak a “job” that it turns out he wasn’t even qualified for as a sitting U.S. Congressman. 

In the last six weeks, what’s changed?

First, Sestak won the nomination, and the White House can’t simply “kick him to the curb” because they need him in a now Republican leaning district.

Second, Bill Clinton, who has a personal relationship with Joe Sestak has made several trips to the White House, again as recently as this past Monday to have “lunch” with Obama. Don’t we all want to know just what the topic of discussion was at lunch?  Given Sestak’s personal relationship with Clinton having served in the Clinton Administration there’s no doubt the “topic” was to get the White Houses’ lies straightened out, and who better to do that than the slippery Clinton who’s already demonstrated a willingness to lie in front of a Federal Grand Jury during his own Presidency?

So we know Clinton’s a liar, now what about Sestak?

Is it reasonable to believe that Sestak, a three star Admiral who’s been in and around our Military and Washington D.C. for long enough to know, doesn’t understand the difference between a former President (Clinton) and a “high ranking official in the Obama Administration?”

Of course Sestak knows the difference.  As someone who swore an oath in our Navy to protect and defend the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic it’s just inconceivable that Sestak wouldn’t know the difference.  So in Sestak’s case the question is this: why is he now lying and refusing to validate his statements of February 2009 and as recently as six weeks ago? 

There’s but one way to get to the truth of the matter at this point, and unfortunately it will not happen with a Democrat controlled House and Senate, nor will it happen with Eric Holder in the U.S. Attorney’s office.

This case screams for a Special Prosecutor, and at this point the only way to get one is to toss the Dem’s in November. 

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