Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Polling Question You’ll Never See

Who Do American’s Trust More?

Knowing that the Federal Government has a controlling interest in two of our Nation’s three automakers, dragging Toyota in front of Congress to testify about their manufacturing and recall practices seems sort of hypocritical to me.  After all, why wouldn’t the U.S. Government (who again, has a controlling interest in GM and Chrysler Corporations) use Toyota’s current recall woes to drive up American car sales?

Seems the trick isn’t working though as consumers are moving towards Ford, Honda and Hyundai as alternatives to Toyota rather than Government Motors (GM) or Chrysler Corporation.

So that got me to thinking about a polling question.

Who does America trust more: Toyota, to correct their mistakes, restore consumer confidence and build a quality, affordable product again OR the Federal Government to “fix” our Health Care system and deliver quality, affordable care?

Bet you won’t see that as a polling question because you and I just know the Obama Administration doesn’t want to see the answer to that question!

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